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Master Plan Stage 2 Launch

Minda has taken the wraps off Stage 2 of our Master Plan at Brighton, showcasing the largest, and most advanced, disability support hub in South Australia.

Minda Patron, the Governor of South Australia, His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC, officially opened the new accommodation and lifestyle precinct at a celebration on Monday July 9.

The event was attended by dignitaries including the Governor and Mrs Le; Federal Member for Boothby, Nicolle Flint MP; Senator for South Australia, Rex Patrick; and South Australian Minister for Human Services, Michelle Lensink MLC. Also attending were State and Local Government representatives, Master Plan partners, corporate partners, and members of the Minda Board.

Chief Executive Officer Cathy Miller says the Master Plan is the biggest project in Minda’s 120-year history and has come in on time and on budget.

“Stage 2 of the Master Plan represents a $95 million commitment and includes our lifestyle precinct which offers a range of learning and lifestyle programs,” Cathy says.

“Our Stage 2 accommodation includes 18 single-storey houses and two three-storey residential apartments buildings that combine the comforts of home with leading-edge technologies and a contemporary model of service delivery.

“I was delighted to be joined on stage during the official opening by Chris Bergin, who lives in one of the new apartments on Bonython Way. Chris did a fabulous job telling us about his new home, and how he enjoys having his own space and independence.”

Cathy says the Master Plan for Minda Brighton was first conceived in 2009 and it has become a physical expression of person-centred thinking.

“It reflects our commitment to become an intentional, mixed community village, that draws on smart technology to ensure people live as independently as possible without compromising on support,” she says.

“I’m really excited about the technology behind the project, which is the first of its kind delivered for the disability sector. The Integrated Building System comprises building management, lighting control, CCTV and security, electronic access, energy management, assistive technology, just to mention a few. We’re finding innovative ways to provide industry-leading support to our customers, with a non-intrusive approach."


June 2018 - Chris Loves Independent Living

Chris is relishing having his own space and living independently in his new apartment at Minda Brighton. Chris chose a one-bedroom apartment in the new apartment building on Bonython Way.

A further 65 people transitioned into accommodation based on their choice of where they wanted to live, who they wanted to live with and how they wanted to live their lives.

Having previously lived in some of the old congregate dwellings at Brighton and in the community before that, Chris says his new apartment is by far “the best”.

“My favourite thing is having space to myself,” Chris says. “Before the move I was really looking forward to living in my own place and being independent. The apartments are good because I’ve got my own space, but there’s other people around for socialising too.”

Chris has two budgerigars in his apartment, Hamish and Jack, and he especially likes the view from his apartment balcony.

“From my balcony, I can see a bit of the ocean, I can see planes taking off, I can see the Grand at Glenelg,” he says. “Living here has made me happier.”

Minda’s allied health team, Southern Disability Support (SDS) played a crucial role in preparing people for the move.

Sand being redeposited onto the primary dune in 2017 Accommodation Services Manager Lisa Feder says SDS assisted with transition books for each person.

“SDS developmental educators supported each customer to develop a transition book, documenting their individual process regarding the move and also assisted with coordinating visits and for some customers attended orientation at their new homes,” Lisa says.

“This process was very successful as an individual approach was taken in supporting each person with their transition to a new way of living.”

In addition to the new apartment building on Bonython Way where Chris is enjoying his new home, people have also settled into the new Bright apartment building off Fassina Way as well as nine new homes on Fassina Way – built as part of Minda’s Master Plan Stage 2 construction.


Waste Not Want Not

Minda is setting the benchmark when it comes to the environmental management of the Master Plan and the demolition of existing accommodation blocks had seen nearly 95% of materials recycled for re-use rather than ending up in landfill.

“Our old ward-style accommodation blocks needed to be replaced, but we have wanted to do it in an environmentally responsible way. It has been very pleasing to see building materials recycled, which includes concrete, steel and other building materials to be used again,” Cathy says.

Under EPA and local council guidance there has also been has also been around 1,700 cubic metres of sand redeposited to the dunes to help combat natural erosion of the primary dune system.

Native revegetation initiatives have also helped to enhance and rehabilitate the secondary dune system, with the introduction of wetlands.

More than 80% of the Brighton site will be retained as open space, and as part of Minda’s commitment to preserving and maintaining the natural heritage value there is a well-established program in place to monitor and maintain significant and regulated trees and other plantings.


March 2018 - Master Plan Update

Twenty-eight people Minda supports have settled into nine new homes on Repton Road during a busy period of moving in November, and from 21 to 23 February, sixty-five people moved into their new accommodation at Minda Brighton.

Married couple Anthony and Kaylene are among the 28 people who have moved to Repton Road, and say they are delighted with their new two-bedroom home.

“It was such a mammoth effort and I would like to thank all of the staff and community volunteers who did such a fantastic job helping residents with moving and unpacking,” Senior Manager Accommodation, Wendy Fraser says.

The newly completed accommodation – nine homes on Repton Road, nine homes on Fassina Way, the new apartment building on Fassina Way and the new apartment building on Bonython Way – have been built as part of Minda’s Master Plan.


Journey to Fassina Way

Fassina Way is the new road which has been constructed at Minda Brighton, running parallel to King George Avenue.

The road is a tribute to long-time Minda supporter Joe Fassina, with the street sign presented to Joe on his 90th birthday to recognise his support and contribution to Minda.

The family has an association with Minda through Joe’s daughter Dallas, who lives at Minda, with the family donating the home which Dallas lives in with other residents.

The Fassina family also owns Fassina SA Family Liquor Stores, with the company generously supporting Minda events and having Minda coin collection units in its stores for customers to donate to Minda.


Partnering with Sarah Constructions

We are proud to announce that Sarah Constructions has come on board as a corporate partner for 2018.

Sarah Constructions is delivering Stage 2 of Minda’s Master Plan and has been an integral part of the South Australian building and construction industry for over 50 years.

Cathy Miller says Minda is delighted to have Sarah Constructions as a corporate partner: “Awarded Master Builders (MBA) Commercial Builder of the Year 2017, Sarah Constructions works on the ethos of putting people first; their priority is always the client and the customers’ needs,” she says.

“Not only is Sarah Constructions helping turn the Master Plan into reality, but they have also provided people with disability with the chance to engage in meaningful work and develop skills in the construction industry in roles including gatekeepers, administrators and general labourers.”

Sarah Constructions is 100 per cent South Australian owned and is passionate about supporting growth opportunities for our state.

Employing more than 300 South Australians, Sarah Constructions has diversity and depth to manage large and complex builds, while remaining nimble enough to react to the demands of fast track and alterations projects.


December 2017 - Master Plan Update

The finishing touches have been made on new homes on Repton Road, as the Master Plan construction continues at Minda Brighton.

SARAH Constructions Senior Project Manager, Ben Layley says some significant milestones in the Master Plan construction will be completed by Christmas.

Twenty-eight people Minda supports moved into nine new homes on Repton Road in November and staff and volunteers put in so much effort to help people prepare for their move.

Ben says after Repton Road, the next new homes to be completed in the Master Plan will be those on King George Avenue. "King George Avenue is on track for completion by the end of the year and we look forward to people moving in from late January of 2018, along with the apartment buildings and the lifestyle precinct," he says.

Construction of the lifestyle buildings was completed in November, with external footpaths, roads and landscaping around them to be completed by the end of the year.

Ben says, "The structure to Brighton Dunes apartment buildings is expected to be completed before Christmas, while the pavilion was handed over for the AFL Grand Final on 30 September."

In terms of site infrastructure, roads are now taking shape and landscaping will ramp up over the coming months.

Drone image over Brighton Dunes, courtesy of Mitchell Hall from SARAH Constructions


AEIOU Brighton


AEIOU opened its new purpose-built centre at Brighton in November and is taking enrolments now! Through its evidence-based program, AEIOU provides each child with a minimum of 20 hours of early intervention therapy per week, within a long day care setting.

A transdisciplinary team of behaviour therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, educators and facilitators delivers the program, which focuses on individual needs.

As well as developing essential life skills, independence, confidence and inclusion, AEIOU focuses on supporting and upskilling families to achieve shared end goals.

To find out more, phone 1300 273 435 or visit aeiou.org.au


September 2017 - Master Plan Update

At Minda there are 85 people who are about to start a new chapter in their lives by leaving older style accommodation to brand new, purpose-built houses and apartments."Each person has choice around where they live, and who supports them and this choice and control is what the NDIS has promised people with disability and is the vision of Minda," project manager Libby Chapman says.

"One of the great stories we have seen is that of Wayne and Bill, who struck up a friendship and then decided to move into an apartment together."

Lisa Bowes adds: "Wayne was concerned about living alone, but expressed frustration at sharing a home with too many other people. On the other hand, Bill loves the company of others, but also finds the quiet of his own space appealing."

Both men love the footy, being involved in their community and having a laugh and when first asked if they would be interested in sharing an apartment, both gave a tentative "yes".

"Through spending time together with support of their staff, the men can now be seen chatting at Isabel’s most days, over a coffee, discussing the progress of construction and plans for their shared home," Lisa says.

"The men now have more choice about what they can do with their lives and who they would like to live with – and it really is as it should be, the person with disability gets to have the biggest say about where they live, who they want to live with and how they should live their life."


AEIOU Brighton on track

There has been plenty of action on the site for AEIOU Brighton, currently under construction at Minda Brighton.

The new purpose-built centre, which will provide early intervention for children with autism aged 2 to 6, is on track to open in November.

Through its evidence-based program, AEIOU provides each child with a minimum of 20 hours of early intervention therapy per week, within a long day care setting.

A transdisciplinary team of behaviour therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, educators and facilitators delivers the program, which focuses on individual needs.

As well as developing essential life skills, independence, confidence and inclusion, AEIOU focuses on supporting and upskilling families to achieve shared end goals.

AEIOU service manager Karen Piscopo is looking forward to the new service opening in Brighton.

"We have been delivering our program at Huntfield Heights with great success, with many children achieving positive outcomes," Karen says.

"This new centre is an opportunity for us to expand our services in Adelaide, providing our evidence-based program to up to 40 children and their families each year."

AEIOU Brighton is taking enrolments now. Parents and carers are also welcome to see our program first hand at their Huntfield Heights centre.

To find out more, phone 1300 273 435 or visit aeiou.org.au


June 2017 - Master Plan Update

With civil works coming to a close, the construction stage commenced.

“May was a month when the landscape across the Minda site really started to change, with the framework for houses going up, and the tower crane being erected,” Executive Infrastructure Director Michelle Gheorghiu says.

“It is an exciting time and points to the future of Minda, how we can work together to achieve such great things and fulfil Minda’s vision for the Brighton site and achieve the physical expression of person-centred thinking.”

Much has occurred to-date, with the erection of the tower crane in May, the completion of ground floor slabs and formwork commencing to apartments for people Minda support, as well as completion of concrete slabs and structural steelwork to the lifestyle precinct buildings.

In terms of houses for people who choose to live at Brighton, ground floor slabs have been completed in addition to wall and roof framing to Repton Road houses.

“In terms of projected works, by September we will be looking forward to the completion of structure for the two apartments for Minda and the lifestyle precinct, with internal fit-out commencing,” SARAH Constructions Project Administrator, Tanis Wood says.

“It is anticipated that external structure will be complete on housing on King George Avenue and Repton Road, with internal fit-out well underway and landscaping works commencing.”


Turning of the Sod Ceremony

On Tuesday 14 March we celebrated the official Turning of the Sod ceremony to mark the commencement of Master Plan Stage 2 works. The event was held jointly with AEIOU Foundation, who will be building a centre for children with autism at Minda Brighton.

“AEIOU Foundation’s Brighton centre will provide children with support, education and therapy as part of its highly-successful, autism-specific early intervention program and we’re so pleased to welcome them to Brighton,” Cathy Miller says.

“With the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme it is now more critical than ever to establish partnerships with other sector-leading organisations, like AEIOU, to complement our own support model, and ensure South Australians and their families receive support when and how they need it, to achieve their goals and aspirations.”

Minda Brighton is set to become an intentional, mixed community village - an urban village that is unparalleled.

These are services and supports that are life changing, vital to the building of inclusive communities which achieve our vision, for people with disability to live enriched lives of their choosing.

“It is our mission to empower people with disability with choices, to create the life they want to live. Most importantly, it means listening to what people with disability want for their own lives and working with them, supporting them to realise their dreams,” Cathy says.


Environmental initiatives

A central project to the future of Minda and for people with disability in South Australia, the Master Plan is being carried out with careful consideration as to potential environmental impacts and safety concerns.

“We have a well-established program in place to monitor and maintain significant and regulated trees and other plantings and an established program in place to enhance Minda Brighton,” Cathy Miller says.

With SARAH Constructions, Minda also continues to invest in the extensive rehabilitation of the dunes, continuing to enhance the secondary dune through native revegetation initiatives, including construction of wetlands to attract native fauna to the area and by depositing sand onto the primary dune.

“Environmental consideration has always been of vital importance to Minda and we have gone to great lengths to preserve and maintain the natural heritage value at our Brighton site,” Cathy Miller says.

General Manager at SARAH Constructions, Adrian Esplin adds, “As leaders in the construction industry, we take very seriously our commitment and that of our clients to an environmentally sustainable approach. SARAH’s environmental management system is designed with that in mind; minimising the impact of construction on the surrounding environment, reducing the unnecessary use of resources, and working within the regulatory framework.”

Adrian continues, “We plan and execute rigorous processes, guaranteeing the highest quality construction outcomes with maximum environmental sensitivity.”


Brighton Dunes

The greatly anticipated second stage of Brighton Dunes is well underway, with the 70 luxury apartments (including four exclusive penthouses) moving forward.

And there has already been great interest in the luxury apartments for the over 55s, with around half of the apartments licenced.

“Brighton Dunes sets new standards in the luxury retirement living space, in an unrivalled location and I am pleased to say the team at Minda and SARAH Constructions has reached impressive milestones this year already,” Michelle Gheorghiu says.

Basement precast panels have been installed, with the first ground floor pour complete and lift and stair core installation commencing.

In the coming months we also look forward being close to ‘topping out’, with facade works and initial fit-out of services works also commencing.

“We are so excited about it because Brighton Dunes really is such a special place to live; but it’s not just about the location, it is about flexible lifestyle options and the opportunities afforded – you can live the way you want to live and do the things you love to do at Brighton Dunes.”

“Just as the members of a family make a house a home, the residents at Brighton Dunes create a community and a sense of place, and with a similar drive to live in the idyllic setting, likeminded neighbours offer an ideal recipe for harmony and enduring friendships.”


Employment opportunities with SARAH

In addition to providing accommodation options and lifestyle services for people Minda support, the Master Plan also offers employment opportunities for people with disability.

This has provided the chance to engage in meaningful work and develop skills in the construction industry in roles including gatekeepers, admin and general labourers.

With funding from the Department of State Development, Minda’s specialist disability providers MJP Employment Services and Your Employment Success (YES) in collaboration with Maxima, and SARAH Constructions has made this possible.

“Participants are pre-trained to industry standard, including white card training and other determined skillsets, for example Workzone Traffic Management with the view to upskill participants on-the-job, so they can participate in more difficult tasks as the project progresses,” MJP Employment Services Manager Olivia Sorre says.

“The idea is to achieve the tasks prescribed in the job, while providing participants with the opportunity to train in a range of constructions skills that will help them secure meaningful and ongoing employment.”

The program ran from December through to May with great outcomes achieved, Olivia says: “I am pleased to say SARAH Constructions have offered continued employment to four people from MJP and two people from YES, which made the graduation ceremony in May that much more exciting.”

The project is part of a strong relationship that has been built with SARAH Constructions, who have shown great enthusiasm for the Master Plan and the future of the people Minda supports: “For us, it is more than just a project, and although we’re excited by every project, the Master Plan holds some special significance,” Adrian Esplin says.

“Being able to see the positive impact a project such a this has on South Australians with disability is fantastic and I look forward to what this project will bring.”


March 2017 - Master Plan Update

After being announced as Minda’s construction partner in late 2016, SARAH Constructions swiftly mobilised on Minda’s Brighton site in January.

“SARAH exists to help clients build lasting legacies, so we are always keen to engage with the communities that are supported by our work,” SARAH Constructions Joint Managing Director, James Sarah says.

“Through collaboration, partnership and the delivery of this project, as a proudly South Australian business, SARAH is delighted to play a part in supporting South Aussies with disabilities to live enriched lives of their choosing.”

Although in the early stages, it is exciting to consider what Stage 2 of the Master Plan will bring to Minda, with the planned construction of 18 single storey houses, two three-storey residential apartment buildings, a lifestyle precinct with four buildings and Brighton Dunes apartments offering the ultimate in retirement living for the over-55s market.

For Minda, it is another step toward creating a vibrant and integrated urban village in the heart of Brighton North, and for South Australia it represents a much-needed employment and investment boost.

“Stage 2 of the Master Plan is set to create more than 850 jobs, offering opportunities for a wide range of trades, apprentices and suppliers,” Cathy Miller says.

“Working together on this project is so important and I am heartened to see the fantastic effort being put in by SARAH Constructions and Minda staff to work toward this great future together – it is this sort of collaboration and cooperation that is so important.”

SARAH Constructions General Manager, Adrian Esplin echoes Cathy’s sentiments saying, “At SARAH, we put people first; our priority is always the client and their customers’ needs. We are building our Minda project team around that idea, tailoring the experience and expertise within the team to Minda’s goals.”

“We will work collaboratively on the project because we understand that, ultimately, that is what will drive its success.”


Profile on Sarah Constructions

SARAH has been an integral part of the South Australian building and construction industry for over 50 years; they are 100% South Australian owned and passionate about supporting growth opportunities for our state.

Employing over 300 South Australians, SARAH has diversity and depth to manage large and complex builds, while remaining nimble enough to react to the demands of fast track and alterations projects.

As well as traditional construction resources, SARAH have dedicate management teams, including design management, to deliver a tailored and complete service, to the very highest quality standards.

Priding themselves on the excellent relationships they have, with their clients, subcontractors, designers and specialised consultants, SARAH is proud to partner with Minda to deliver construction for Stage 2 of the Master Plan. By understanding Minda’s project needs, Sarah will ensure that these needs are at the heart of every project decision.

“I’m thrilled to be managing the delivery of a top-quality product on a high-profile project for such a valued client,” SARAH Constructions Project Manager Ben Layley says.

“But the most exciting thing for me is engaging with Minda’s community and working as a partnership to deliver results and ensure that disruption is minimal.”


December 2016 - Master Plan Stage 2

- An artist impression of Minda's Master Plan

It was certainly a Christmas to remember when we successfully completed Stage 1 of Minda’s Master Plan in late 2014. The milestone represented the culmination of a $55 million investment that delivered new, state of the art disability accommodation for 61 people supported by Minda at our 28-hectare Brighton site.

In July 2015, Minda welcomed Development Planning Assessment approval by the Minister for Planning for Stage 2 of our exciting Master Plan development, as the next step towards creating a vibrant, integrated community hub that offers leading-edge accommodation for South Australians with disability.

The approval provided a comprehensive planning framework to assist Minda deliver on its objective of progressively constructing fit-for-purpose, quality replacement accommodation for people supported by Minda.

After extensive community consultation, the State Government’s Development Assessment Commission gave Minda the green light to proceed with the next stages of our self-funded $260m+ Master Plan development in May 2016.

The approval allows for the staged construction of 18 single storey houses, 2 three-storey residential apartment buildings as replacement and updated accommodation for people supported by Minda, as well as a lifestyle precinct, which consists of 4 buildings.

Stage 2 of construction will see around $95m flowing into the local economy, and is expected to generate about 850 direct and indirect building industry jobs for South Australians. 

Minda also has approval for a 7-storey and a 5-storey building as part of Brighton Dunes, which will offer 70 apartments for the over 55s market in a licence to occupy arrangement.

Most importantly, the approval means that more people can enjoy similar opportunities, and enjoy leading-edge accommodation that offers the comfort of home, a contemporary model of service delivery, and state-of-the-art technologies.

Clever design and careful planning will see more than 80% of the Brighton site remaining as open space, and the undeveloped secondary dunes – one of the few left remaining along this section of coast – will be preserved and remediated.

- Brighton Dunes coastal views, artist impression


Autumn 2016

Minda’s $265 million Master Plan is well underway with the progression of Stage 2 and 3 helping transform the Brighton site into a vibrant community hub.

As part of Stage 2 and 3, the demolition of the houses on Repton Road has been completed, as well as demolition of two of Minda’s prominent buildings – Redman and Bonython.

And the transformer upgrade, completed earlier this year, is a significant step to increasing the capacity of power for the Brighton site allowing more flexibility in power availability.

The Master Plan vision is to create leading edge accommodation for people living with disability and allow for increased social inclusion in the way of community living.

It will include new accommodation, work and lifestyle options, green spaces, community facilities and retirement living solutions.

Following the approval of the Ministerial Development Plan Amendment (DPA) in 2015, the concept design for Stage 2 and 3 was completed by the project team, led by Michelle Gheorghiu, Executive Infrastructure Director.

The latest stages encompass purpose-built accommodation, new retirement living options at Brighton Dunes, and the design of the lifestyle precinct.

Over the coming months, the project team will engage in the detailed design and documentation of Stage 2 and 3 of the Master Plan.

The idea of a Master Plan for Minda’s Brighton site was conceived in 2007.

Since then, there has been significant discussion, consultation, collaboration and planning with various key groups, all contributing to the future of the 28-hectare site.

This urban village will offer accommodation and services to South Australians living with disability, which in turn will allow Minda to deliver support that is contemporary, individualised and tailored around each person’s wants, needs and aspirations.

Winter 2015

Minda welcomes Michelle Gheorghiu as Executive Infrastructure Director.

The latest face welcomed into the Minda team is Michelle Gheorghiu, who will be responsible for turning future stages of the Master Plan development at Brighton into reality through her new role as Executive Infrastructure Director.

Michelle comes to Minda with extensive operational knowledge spanning more than 12 years across the health and medical research sectors, as well as project management experience across the public and private sectors.

Prior to joining Minda, Michelle was Director of Infrastructure and Capital Planning, where she managed the successful delivery of the $250m landmark South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAMHRI) building.

Before that, she was Projects Director with SA Health, where she was responsible for the concept development and delivery of a number of significant projects, including the $162m Flinders Medical Centre and $320m Lyell McEwin Hospital redevelopments, the $200m upgrade to the QEH, and the $37m redevelopment of the Ceduna Hospital.

“The Master Plan is the largest in Minda’s 116 year history, and one of the largest privately-funded projects currently underway in South Australia, and I am very excited at the opportunity to be part of a team that is creating a vibrant community hub that offers leading edge accommodation for South Australians living with intellectual disability,” she says.

“Minda has an outstanding reputation as being a leader across the disability sector and I am very pleased to be able to be  part of such a great team that provides vital services to South Australians and their families.”

“I look forward to working with a range of stakeholders – including State Government, the City of Holdfast Bay, the local community and the Minda team – to create something that integrates well within the environment, preserves the unique character of the local area, and enhances the undeveloped secondary dunes so that they can be enjoyed by everyone.”

Ms Gheorghiu, who started her new role in April, has a Master of Business Administration (Technology) from La Trobe University and a Master of Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic University in Bucharest.


Autumn 2015

At the end of 2014 it was all systems go on Bonython Way, with the launch of Brighton North, followed by people supported by Minda moving into their new accommodation.

Manager Brighton North, Lisa Feder and her team, along with Developmental Educators from Minda’s Southern Disability Support, have been helping people feel at home in their new accommodation, which has included the compilation of personalised transition books.

There has been great feedback from the new residents, and sisters Susan and Wendy Knight say they have had a very positive experience moving into their new apartment.

Wendy says, “It’s feeling good living here. The apartment is really big - lovely and quiet”. She continues; “My favourite room is my bedroom. You can hear the birds in the trees.”

Wendy also says she likes doing her own washing, while Susan enjoys cooking dinner with her sister. Susan says, “It is very good here. It was easy to adjust to living here. Staff are helpful.”

“My favourite room is my bedroom - it is easy to make the bed.”

Congratulations to Susan and Wendy on their new apartment!

We were also excited to celebrate the completion of the Brighton Dunes apartments. The luxury retirement apartments play a critical role in the success of the Master Plan, with the sale of the apartments supplementing funding of Minda services, while offering a unique opportunity for retirees to live by the seaside with the luxuries of retirement living.

It is social enterprise in action, with the benefits of Brighton Dunes as a commercial enterprise maximising improvements in the wellbeing of people supported by Minda, while supporting environmentally sustainable outcomes and practices.


Summer 2014

One of the most exciting Master Plan developments has undoubtedly been the launch of Brighton North on 17 November.

In the weeks before the launch, the people moving into the new accommodation made regular visits to their new homes with Developmental Educators from Minda.

Although some people were previously experiencing trepidation about the move, fears and anxieties were quickly replaced by excitement upon viewing the houses and apartments for the first time.

“The new furniture has been a talking point, with items from TRAK Furniture, The Table & Chair Co and Le Cornu continuing to arrive, furniture which not only meets individual wants, but also support needs,” Project Manager Brighton North Libby Chapman says.

“The residents were involved in picking fabrics and making choices about the types of furniture they needed and wanted, so they have been very excited to see the items arriving, pieces that really reflect the personalities of the individuals.”

There have also been a range of assistive technology sessions run by Jackson Care Technologies (JCT) with Business Development Manager Gary Holzer conducting information sessions for new families.

In terms of the construction, BADGE has made significant progress to all stages of the Master Plan development, with Stage 1 nearing completion.

“The Wetlands and Minda houses were handed over in August and the Minda apartment building in October, with BADGE now focussed on finalising the internal fit-out of the Brighton Dunes apartments,” Executive Project Manager Roddy Clark says.

“A prototype apartment in building one of the three Brighton Dunes apartments is complete and will set the standard for the apartments for the remainder of the project.”

Works to common buildings have also been progressing well, with a dining room and barbeque area and pool nearing completion.

“The Plaza area has been waterproofed and the garden beds have been installed and the library building is nearly finished,” he says.

The roadway and roundabout (Jack Fox Way) which connects the Brighton Dunes apartments has commenced installation outside of the reception building, which is also starting to come into its own.

Roddy says, “Everything is progressing well and I look forward to reporting back on the completed Stage 1 works.


Spring 2014

You need only drive down King George Avenue, or Repton Road to appreciate the incredible progress head contractor BADGE has made on Minda's Master Plan.

“The apartment and houses for Minda residents are nearing completion, with external works being finalised. The street, Bonython Way, has also been built and we are looking forward to showing people supported by Minda their new homes,” Master Plan Project Director, Roddy Clark says.

“The Wetland area is also complete and the Brighton Dunes development (pictured below) has been making really good progress over the last three months; both buildings now have their roof installed and the internal fit-out of the apartments is underway.”

Many hours and days have also been spent working on where everyone will be living, taking into account everything from friends and individual choice, to specific needs and requirements.

The individuals preparing for the move have been asking great questions about where they will be moving and what it will mean for them and are getting really excited about their new homes.

There has been great feedback received and consultation with family members, the people Minda support and staff members has been invaluable.

In preparation for the move, staff have been helping people to prepare lists of things they want to take with them to their new accommodation and Developmental Educators from Minda’s Specialist Resource Services have also been implementing individual transition plans.

“We also recently advertised for an Accommodation Manager for the new homes and apartment; we have had a great response and we look forward to appointing an experienced manager to deliver quality outcomes, which maximise choice and inclusion for people living with intellectual disability,” Minda CEO Cathy Miller says.

“We look forward to also implementing Assistive Technology soon; combining state-of-the-art technology with a person centred approach, Assistive Technology will give individuals a greater level of independence, without compromising on safety and ongoing care.”

Key aspects of this technology will integrate the use of call points and movement detectors to alert staff of unexpected activities by individuals when they are at home.

“Not only will this technology let people enjoy a greater level of privacy in their new homes than ever before, it will also provide them with the opportunity to experience a greater level of independence,” Cathy says.

This is just one of the ways the new accommodation will allow Minda to deliver support that is contemporary, individualised and tailored around each person’s wants, needs and aspirations.


Winter 2014

Adelaide experienced some of the hottest and wettest weather during early 2014, breaking South Australian weather records. Although it did hamper our progress, BADGE made a concerted effort to regain momentum and our mild winter so far has meant the works at the Minda Master Plan site continue to progress.

“The basement and ground floor slab of the retirement apartments, Brighton Dunes have been completed and precast panels for the ground floor have been finished and the first floor installed,” Roddy Clark, Master Plan Project Director says.

“These luxury retirement apartments play a critical role in the success of the Master Plan. The sale of these apartments will supplement funding of Minda services, while offering a unique opportunity for retirees to live by the seaside with the luxuries of a retirement village.”

Minda has appointed Sandra Carle as Manager of the Brighton Dunes retirement apartments. In this role, Sandra will manage the Brighton Dunes complex, liaising with current and future residents and developing the community that is Brighton Dunes.

“We recently had a meet and greet with future residents of the Brighton Dunes apartments, where we talked about the building progress and introduced them to Sandra; we look forward to meeting with them again soon,” Roddy says.

“Over at the new Minda accommodation site, the walls and roofs of all 10 houses are now complete as well as first fix services (cabling for electrical, communications, water etc). Internal linings are near completion and second fix service and fit-out is well underway,” he says.

The apartment building is also taking shape with precast now complete up to level two, with structural steel and roofing underway. First fix services for ground floor apartments are now complete and linings are well underway, with second fix and fit-out commenced.

The sedimentation pond, detention basins and underground storage tank for the wetlands is now finished with landscaping, pathways and lighting nearing completion.


Summer 2014

The Master Plan is forging ahead, with works advancing at Minda’s Brighton site on homes for residents of Minda and also the Brighton Dunes accommodation.

“The progress of the development is coming along quickly, with BADGE able to mobilise on site only a few weeks after being awarded the contract,” Executive Project Director Roddy Clark says.

“Stage 1A (the Brighton Dunes retirement development) has had piling works completed, which has enabled the super-structure (above ground construction) to commence.”

The structure’s basement footings, retaining walls and columns have also been finished and the ground floor slab is set to be completed by the end of February; this leads into the process of erecting pre-cast walls and upper floors.

“The Delta Core, pre-cast concrete panels form the upper floors and are around 300mm thick; an 80mm concrete topping screed forms the finished levels of each apartment,” Roddy says.

“The next major milestone will be the completion of the pre-cast works and roof in June/July of 2014; we’re currently on track for stage 1A to be completed by early December.”

Stage 1B, Minda residential accommodation (adjacent to King George Avenue) is also progressing well, with the ground floor slab for the residential apartment building and slab for three houses complete; the remaining seven house slabs are on track to be completed in February.

“All of the houses are due to be completed in August, with the apartments shortly after in October,” Roddy says.

Stage 1C is also well underway, with the wetlands area remediated and earthworks (which will shape the detention basins and wetlands area) complete. Looking ahead, the sedimentation pond and underground storage tank should be complete by April, 2014.


Spring 2013

The Governor, Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce speaks at the ‘Turning of the Sod’ ceremony.

The Master Plan is starting to have an impact on the landscape of the Brighton site, with the onset of excavation and a ‘Turning of the Sod’ ceremony.

In celebration of the Brighton Dunes development, future residents of the 48 apartments were invited to join with Minda and the Governor, Real Admiral Kevin Scarce for a ‘Turning of the Sod’ ceremony.

There were approximately 75 people in attendance at the Brighton Dunes site, including around 60 future residents.

The sale of the Brighton Dunes apartments by Phil McMahon Real Estate was a great success, with all reserved after being on the market for less than two weeks.

“Brighton Dunes is a critical aspect of the overall success of the Master Plan redevelopment, with the sale of the apartments providing the funding Minda needs to create an environment where people with intellectual disability can embrace and enjoy the experiences in life,” says Senior Project Manager, Karl Sampson.

“It is social enterprise in action, with the benefits of Brighton Dunes as a commercial enterprise maximising improvements in the wellbeing of people supported by Minda, while supporting environmentally sustainable outcomes and practices.”

Visit brightondunes.com for more information.

Latest news on the Master Plan

For Minda, the end goal of the Master Plan is to create a high quality, integrated, affordable, sustainable urban village; one that will offer leading edge accommodation and services to South Australians living with intellectual disability.

We’re very excited to report that South Australian construction firm BADGE was selected as the Head Contractor for Stage 1 of the Master Plan.

BADGE are charged with the construction of Stage 1A (Brighton Dunes retirement apartments), Stage 1B which includes Minda residential homes and apartments and construction of the wetlands which makes up Stage 1C of the Master Plan.

The tender for Stage 1 works of Minda’s Master Plan received great interest during the Registrations of Interest process, which closed in March 2013.

“This process allowed us to find the best company for the job, one with the capability and experience for such a significant project,” says Executive Project Director, Roddy Clark.

After receiving enquiries and submissions, Minda shortlisted a handful of very experienced and capable contractors from around South Australia.

“BADGE was the successful Tenderer, and Minda is very excited to begin a partnership with the construction firm,” says Roddy.

“We’re also really happy to be taking another step closer to achieving state of the art accommodation and services for South Australians with intellectual disability; we’re going to hit the ground running, with work starting by October.”


Autumn 2013

The Master Plan vision will start to take shape soon and the process to appoint a Head Contractor is currently underway.

Contractors from around South Australia applied during the Registrations of Interest process, which finished on 5 March.

Seeking to appoint a Head Contractor to complete the first stage of the Master Plan, within a matter of hours of an advertisement appearing in The Advertiser, submissions started flowing in.

“The registration of interest (ROI) process means Minda can find the best company for the job and based on the current schedule, we’re looking to get started on construction in mid-2013,” Executive Project Director, Roddy Clark said.

In addition to finalising the ROI process, the establishment of two working groups (one for residents and the other for retirees) has advanced the Master Plan.

“Much time and effort has gone into developing the residents’ one and two bedroom apartments, three and four bedroom houses, and the exceptional needs buildings,” Roddy said.

“Everything from colour schemes, to fixtures and fittings and assistive technology has gone into consideration and the process has now been completed.”

Looking forward, the Brighton Dunes launch on April 9 will give prospective retirees a chance to view the display suite and find out more about the project. Roddy said, “The display suite includes a kitchen, living, dining and bathroom and will give people a good idea of the apartments’ interior schemes.”


Summer 2012

Minda’s $200m vision to offer leading edge accommodation for South Australians living with intellectual disability is one step closer to reality after getting the green light from the City of Holdfast Bay’s Development Assessment Panel on 28 November.

The Master Plan proposes new accommodation, work and lifestyle options designed to create an environment where people with intellectual disability can embrace and enjoy the experiences of life.

“Significant effort has gone into our community consultation efforts and we have updated our plans to reflect the feedback we have received and still offer accommodation and facilities that will set the benchmark and support people with a disability well into the future,” Minda CEO, Cathy Miller said.

“This is one of the largest developments of its type in South Australia and we have taken an environmentally-responsible approach to our planning, which will include preserving the undeveloped secondary dunes and creating a wetland area which will attract wildlife and capture stormwater run-off,” she said.

Ms Miller said the approval of the Master Plan would be welcome news to those in existing accommodation at the Brighton site, which is well past its use by date.

The proposed Stage 1A will see two three-storey retirement apartments constructed in the north western corner of the site on the corner of Repton Road and The Esplanade, with each containing 24 apartments comprising of a mixture of two bedrooms, two bedroom + study, three bedrooms and three bedrooms + study.

Retirement development (artist’s impression)

The retirement buildings will generate revenue to fund Stage 1B, which will see the construction of eight single storey group dwellings, two single storey residential flat buildings and a three storey residential flat building comprising 17 apartments to support existing Minda residents.

Minda Apartment Type A (artist’s impression)

Minda single dwellings (artist’s impression)


Winter 2012

Together with our lead architects, Woodhead, we have created a vision for the evolution of our Brighton site. It will support the organisation’s sustainability and deliver an exciting new community concept into one of the state’s most desirable suburbs.

Stage I includes:

  • Four-bedroom houses
  • Three-bedroom houses
  • Four-bedroom ‘exceptional
  • needs’ houses
  • One Minda apartment building
  • Two retirement apartment buildings
  • Retirement community facilities.


Summer 2011

Minda’s Brighton Master Plan public consultation ran from 15–25 November 2011. The consultation included a visual display of the project’s concept design and Roddy Clark, Executive Project Director, gave a number of targeted briefing sessions to Minda Association members, staff, supported employees, the Self Advocacy Group and members of the public interested in retirement lifestyle options.

More than 300 people visited the display and almost 50 per cent (132 people) left feedback, the majority of which was positive.

The main concerns raised were by local residents in relation to proposals to build seafront apartments and potential traffic flow issues.

The Brighton Master Plan proposes a beachside village with accommodation, work and lifestyle options, green spaces, community facilities and a number of retirement living solutions.

The feedback provided during the consultation will contribute to the next phase of the project’s design process, which will be to seek planning approval. The subsequent phase will be dependent upon the assessment and approval timeframe of the City of Holdfast Bay.

Artist impression of Minda’s Brighton site


Spring 2011

The Brighton Master Plan project team has now completed the Urban Design Framework for Minda’s Brighton campus.

The Urban Design Framework summarises and communicates a comprehensive response to the question ‘How do we create an integrated, affordable, liveable and sustainable urban village that delivers for residents on Minda’s Person Centred Thinking model of service?’

The Framework outlines the values, philosophy and principles that underpin the approach to planning, urban design and landscape on the site.

On 25 August, the Urban Design Framework was approved by the Master Plan Steering Committee and the Minda Board. At the meeting, it was decided that, as the Framework contains a lot of technical data which would not lend itself to a visual display, the project would proceed into the concept design phase.

The concept design phase will involve looking at the finer detail of the project, such as the overall layout of the site and the number and type of houses needed to accommodate the people currently living on campus, as well as new day option facilities, retirement products, community/commercial activities, traffic, landscaping and the staging and programming of the overall development.

The project team will now focus its efforts on the overall vision and the proposed scope for Stage 1 of the development. Once complete, this will be presented to the Master Plan Steering Committee and the Minda Board for endorsement, before going on public display.

Display material will include posters, perspectives, artist impressions and 3D models of the development which will focus on the following areas:

  • Minda’s overall vision
  • Village heart
  • The vision for the site
  • Person Centred Thinking
  • Residential accommodation
  • Day options
  • Landscape
  • Commercial precinct
  • Public art
  • Roads, pathways and linkages
  • Sustainability
  • Site opportunities and constraints.

As part of Stage 1, it is also important the Master Plan Steering Committee identifies and consults with up to 50 individuals currently living on the Brighton campus to see what their requirements and expectations are for their accommodation.

Their input will be invaluable in contributing to shaping the design of the project.

Woodhead’s Karl Traegar reviewing the Urban Design Framework with Minda’s Executive Project Director, Roddy Clark


Winter 2011

Earlier this year, Woodhead was appointed lead architect on the $200 million redevelopment of Minda’s 28 hectare Brighton site.

The Woodhead team recently held an Exploration By Design workshop at Somerton Surf Life Saving Club, inviting a wide range of stakeholders to be involved in shaping plans for an integrated, affordable, liveable and sustainable coastal urban village. More than 70 stakeholders attended and contributed to the workshop.

Over time, and at a pace suitable to the people Minda supports, a network of new streets, pathways and more useable and activated open spaces will transform the Brighton site into a vibrant urban community.

“We are committed to maximising choice and inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities to achieve their aspirations,” said Woodhead’s lead architect, Karl Traeger.

“We appreciate this opportunity to create a coastal urban village that delivers a universal and inclusive place for people to live, relative to expanded choices, access and the ability to age.”

In an effort to get under the skin of Minda and truly understand the organisation, Karl and Minda’s Executive Project Director, Roddy Clark, recently rolled up their sleeves and volunteered in Minda’s Laundry, with the Envirocare cleaning crew and in the Chuaninga Day Options facility.

“Karl went above and beyond the expectations of a consultant and really got stuck into the role,” said Roddy. “He is committed to better understanding the operations of Minda, and to seeing, first hand, how we support the people who live and work here.”


Autumn 2011 From the President, Tony Harrison

The first few months of the year have been a busy time for Minda, with many activities and new programs being developed. I’m sure the remainder of the year will continue in the same manner - which will be exciting, but at the same time challenging.

Since the new year began, Minda has experienced some notable improvements and achievements, specifically around the Minda Master Plan.

A key milestone event that occurred during the first quarter of this year was the appointment of Woodhead, the lead architect for Minda’s Brighton Master Plan project. The Master Plan seeks to create a vibrant community hub, offering cutting-edge accommodation for South Australians who live with intellectual disability.

Woodhead’s successful bid for the Master Plan contract was announced at a Special Association Meeting on Tuesday 19 April and was subsequently reported on in the media. Minda is delighted to have Woodhead leading this significant project and we look forward to the collaboration that this will bring.

Executive Project Director, Roddy Clark, was appointed in early January to manage all aspects of the Master Plan. Roddy brings a wealth of experience with him from his time spent managing projects in Australia, Asia Pacific and the United Kingdom, and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome him to Minda.

Following extensive consultation and engagement with key stakeholders – including the City of Holdfast Bay, State Government, Minda Association, Minda staff, the media, the local community, supported individuals and their families – it can be confirmed that any new buildings which form part of the Master Plan will not encroach upon the undeveloped secondary sand dune.