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27 Mar 2024

Age is just a number. While many people are happy to put their feet up after they retire, for client Hilda that is the exact opposite.

Despite being “90 years young”, Hilda is just as energetic and motivated as she’s ever been, with her house staff playing a crucial role in delivering a social and fulfilling retirement.

The spritely 90-year-old recently spent her milestone birthday with friends, family and staff at the Marion Hotel, with “Queen Hilda” showcasing her trademark humour and wit.

Hilda’s house staff, Rose, Martha, Raman, Jennifer and Uday, were responsible for organising the celebration, and were focused on making it a day to remember.

The staff came together to organise colourful balloons, a beautiful cake, as well as chipping in for a thoughtful gift. Staff also organised a wonderful, new dress for Hilda.

“Hilda got a crown for her birthday and was called ‘Queen Hilda’ for the day. She got a beautiful new dress, put some make-up on and got her hair done,” disability support worker Jennifer said.

Described as a joker and very witty person, Hilda happily told her staff that she was celebrating her 25th birthday, a level of humour that is consistently showcased in her household.

“Hilda is a very sociable lady – she never likes to stay home too much. She is enjoying her retirement and is leaving no stone left unturned.”

- Jennifer, Support Worker

After many wonderful years participating at MyPath’s Cottage Craft program, Hilda decided it was time to retire at 89 years old – opening an exciting new chapter in her life.

Following her retirement, Hilda expressed a desire to engage in rewarding individual community outings, with her house staff supporting her to achieve this goal.

“Hilda is a very sociable lady – she never likes to stay home too much. She is enjoying her retirement and is leaving no stone left unturned,” Jennifer said.

“Every week, we sit down with Hilda and organise social outings she would like to take part in – she loves going out for a coffee, walking with her stroller and going on beach drives.”

When she is not taking part in social outings, Hilda finds great comfort in sitting down and doing some knitting – an activity she has done since she was at school.

Hilda said she is thankful for the support she receives, which has allowed many of her many great ideas to come to fruition.

“The staff are really nice. I enjoy being able to go out and do the things I want to do. Staff support me to do things that make me happy,” Hilda said.

Demonstrating great communication skills has allowed Hilda’s staff to facilitate the life that she wants, resulting in a rewarding retirement.

Hilda’s happiness and infectious personality has not only resulted in her living a fulfilling life, but it has also immensely improved the life of people around her.

“Hilda is an amazing woman. She is determined and motivated with everything that she does. We take a lot of pride in supporting her to live a social life in her retirement,” Jennifer said.

“She is the most fun person in the house. She has this great ability exude positive energy and put a smile on all of our faces.”

While it could be easy to slow down and relax in retirement, Hilda has shown that life is meant to be lived to its fullest - one memorable social outing at a time.

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