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Consultative Council

Our Consultative Councils provide valuable feedback from a client and family perspective.

Client Consultative Council

The Client Consultative Committee helps to lead discussions on issues that clients and their peers are facing including; human rights, decision making, relationships and employment.

They also discuss what’s working and what changes they want to see, with any issues being ultimately given (anonymously) to the CEO and Minda Board for consideration.

Shannon is attending the workshops and says she joined the group because regardless of circumstance, everyone should be able to get a say in how they live their lives.

“Self-Advocacy means I can also help other people that need it at Minda. We are all human beings and we need to be listened to.”

Minda Consultative Council

The Minda Consultative Council (MCC) meet regularly, with staff support, to provide feedback to Minda. The membership comprises of Devon Mellows, Kym Hancock, Lyn Magee, Patricia Brougham, Wesley Ashman, Lynne Cech and Robyn Morgan.

Board Chair Joanne Denley says the MCC helps to ensure broad stakeholder engagement for all clients of Minda services.

“Our MCC representatives are all family or guardians of Minda clients, who share their own unique knowledge and lived experience of disability,” Joanne says.

“They represent all aspects of Minda, from accommodation, recreation and respite, to supported employment and allied health services. This will ensure the Board has access to appropriate advice, thus supporting and enhancing its strategic focus."

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