Minda ASSIST Therapy online

Minda ASSIST Therapy (MAT) is successfully offering telehealth services to clients as part of its suite of professional allied health therapies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

And now, MAT is adapting another area of its business to offer a valuable online service to other disability and care organisations at this critical time.

MAT’s Mealtime Matters, a training program for support staff assisting adults with disability at mealtimes, is now being offered online, after having been provided face-to-face for more than 25 years.

MAT Speech Pathologists and Dietitians recognise there is a real need for training support workers in mealtime management in the current climate.

MAT is offering this training to other agencies, to help ensure support workers develop the knowledge and skills required to ensure mealtimes are both safe and nutritious.

The sessions will be presented via Zoom to ensure they are interactive.

Dates for these online sessions are currently being finalised. MAT can be flexible to meet the needs of organisations interested in the training.

Organisations wishing to register their interest can email Senior Allied Health Assistant-Communication Specialist Fran Gardiner on frances.gardiner@minda.asn.au or phone 0428 150 591.

MAT will continue to further develop and enhance online and telehealth services to ensure ongoing professional service to clients, organisations and the broader community.

MAT aims to be the leading allied health service in SA and will pursue every avenue available to ensure people with disability receive the best ongoing support.