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3 Sep 2020

Exercise Physiology is a specialised field not always well understood. Daniel and Melissa’s work in Minda ASSIST Therapy is about looking at both medical history and client goals to create an individualised program.

“Relevant factors might include injury and chronic disease, as well as cardio or musculoskeletal conditions. With our clients, we look at how these factors are related to their disability, and what is the appropriate exercise program to help manage the disability,” Daniel says.

“It’s about finding the best ways to meet a client’s lifestyle goals by managing the underlying factors involved with their disability. For example, a client with osteoporosis may benefit from a program focussed on improving their strength and balance. We do a lot of that!” Melissa says.

While a large percentage of Daniel and Melissa’s clients live in Minda accommodation, they are encouraged to use facilities at their local gym and in the community.

“For example, building one of our young client’s strength and coordination helped him to take part in school T-ball games – one of his lifestyle goals,” Daniel says.

A young female exercise physiologist with blonde hair wearing sporty attire sits next to a young male exercise physiologist wearing fitness attire and holding yellow weights

Daniel and Mel with hand weights at Minda Assist Therapy.

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