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22 Jan 2021

Eight baby guinea pigs born this month in the MyPath Pets, Animals and Creatures program have brought much excitement to everyone in the Lifestyle Precinct.

The unexpected and pleasant surprise comes following a heartfelt donation of adult guinea pigs to Minda in December, in the wake of the senseless theft of Minda’s original guinea pigs back in October.

The adult guinea pigs were donated by a nine-year-old girl, Alysa, who was saddened to hear about the October theft, and visited Minda with her mum Bronwyn and brother Kurt to donate Alysa’s own pet guinea pigs.

“It made me feel very sad that people would steal those guinea pigs,” Alysa wrote to Minda, after reading about the theft.

“I know that everyone (at Minda) will love my guinea pigs as much as I do. I hope this helps you. Love, Alysa.”

I know that everyone (at Minda) will love my guinea pigs as much as I do. I hope this helps you. Love, Alysa

- A letter from Alysa

The new guinea pigs are kept under security surveillance indoors, with access to a large enclosed outdoor area during the day.

Senior Manager Lifestyle Services Dale Govett says clients from the Pets, Animals and Creatures program are enjoying giving the guinea pigs many cuddles and lots of fresh food.

Dale says Minda received great community support after the theft back in October, with his ABC radio interview at the time also resulting in an anonymous $1000 donation to MyPath to help with increasing security surveillance.

MyPath staff including Acting Support Leader and self-confessed ‘Piggy Momma’ Sandi Stuut have been ensuring the guinea pig pups and their mums are all doing well.

“We will be looking for expressions of interest to re-home our male babies. We will be able to tell how many boys we have in another couple of weeks, and then the boys will be ready to be adopted in around six weeks’ time,” Sandi says.

“Minda clients, staff and families will get first priority.”

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