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Helping clients to achieve their fitness goals

SIL client Emily, wearing a bike helmet and a grey T-shirt, takes a selfie of herself and support worker Christie out on their bikes.
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30 Apr 2020

Support staff at our Oaklands Park community housing are helping Supported Independent Living (SILs) client Emily achieve some fitness and creative goals, despite the COVID-19 restrictions.

Christie McWilliams, Laurin King and Tracey Oxton are Disability Support Workers who have been supporting Emily through this time.

Christie, who has worked at Minda for seven years, says Emily is normally an enthusiastic regular at her local gym, and enjoys walking home from the bus stop after her work at Bedford.

However, both have stopped due to COVID-19.

“To stay active, Emily and I have been going for walks and light jogs, doing home workouts and going for bike rides,” Christie says.

“I bring my portable speaker in on my shifts, so we are listening to music and dancing rather sitting and watching TV.

“Another staff member was kind enough to bring in their bike for staff to use to ride with Emily. Most recently, we’ve been for a nine-kilometre ride and both enjoyed it, discussing what we see on the ride and having races against each other. This has also had a positive impact on Emily’s weight.”

To stay active, Emily and I have been going for walks and light jogs, doing home workouts and going for bike rides.

- Christie

Laurin King has been helping Emily with creative endeavours.

They recently did an online painting tutorial together on creating flamingos on canvas.

“It was fun, a bit messy, but the outcome was fantastic!” Laurin says.

“Emily said she had a great time doing this, and we are trying to incorporate more art into her routine.

“We’ve also done lots of other creative projects together like painting pots and pictures.

“I am very art orientated – textile art mainly – so I love to use those skills with my clients whether its painting on paper, pots or faces!”

Christie says the various inputs from the team in Emily’s house have created a positive environment.

“Emily is always excited to show me a new painting she has done when I come on shift,” Christie says.

“Overall it has been a really positive atmosphere in Emily’s house with different inputs from staff.”

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