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Debbie's love of art a lifelong passion

Debbie is wearing a red patterned blouse. She has long brown hair and glasses. She is standing behind a collection of her bright and colourful paintings.
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6 Oct 2021

Art has always been an important part of Debbie’s life, from growing up painting alongside her mum Lorraine to continuing to create in her own community accommodation.

Bright colours, flowers and rainbows are key themes of an extensive portfolio of works, all treasured and all a valued memory.

Mum Lorraine says Debbie has always enjoyed painting, drawing and colouring in as well as using different mediums and techniques.

“She attended Tutti Arts for many years and they always introduced something new to her,” Lorraine says. “They got her to try to work with complementary colours and different mediums to see what works together.

“I like painting myself, so we’ve been painting together for a long time. It makes her feel more relaxed. It’s very relaxing and if you’re a bit stressed and you do a bit of painting you feel a lot more relaxed.”

It’s part of who she is, creating things. Debbie also likes cake decorating, cooking which is tactile work using more of your senses when you’re cooking.

- Debbie's mum Lorraine

While opportunities to paint together are less often now that Debbie is living in supported accommodation, Lorraine has held on to a large collection of Debbie’s works with art forming an important part of her life and personality.

“It’s part of who she is, creating things,” She says. “Debbie also likes cake decorating, cooking which is tactile work using more of your senses when you’re cooking.

“She’s keen to decorate cakes more, she’s also into jewellery making and now making cards.

“We did scrap booking for years, we would go away on holidays and come back with lots of photos and put them all tougher with a story attached about what we did where we went what the weather was like.”

Debbie’s love of art recently saw her awarded an art prize as part of the South Australian Living Artists Festival, with the trophy now taking pride of place in her home.

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