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Building skills and independence with Hannah

A young female disability support worker with blonde hair tied back stands with a middle aged female Minda client who is holding coriander and smiling
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7 Sep 2020

“One of my cooking program participants is non-verbal and struggled with communication, but with speech pathologists and staff encouragement she now actively and clearly communicates with staff and peers. This has transferred over to her skill building to participate more with cooking and other programs,” Hannah says.

“This is the most enjoyable aspect of my role, working with people to achieve their goals. For some it’s interacting with their peers or adding ingredients to a bowl, it never fails to make me smile seeing the progression of skill in the people we support.”

Hannah wants to ensure the people she supports can build skills and independence through opportunity after a challenging period as a teenager. “When I was younger, I was unwell with my parents being my carers. I chose a career in disability as I wanted to turn a difficult period of my life into a positive. It gave me insight into having to be dependent on another for your basic needs,” Hannah says.

“I want to encourage the perception that a disability does not define a person. I hope with education and experience that communities become more inclusive of those with a disability instead of individuals with a disability having to adapt to the community.

“I’m grateful to the generous supporters of Minda who help to foster our community who are working together to help people with disability develop their passions and achieve their goals," says Hannah. Thank you for supporting these vital programs!

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