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Shannon helps hand pick new Cluster Managers

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19 May 2023

It has been a month since the launch of our housing clusters and the introduction of the Cluster and Deputy Cluster Managers who were starting their new positions.

One person who played a significant role in the selection process was Minda client Shannon, who valued the opportunity to be involved in the interviews of aspiring managerial applicants.

Being able to ask questions to the interviewees provided Shannon with a level of confidence and assurance that the successful candidates would make a positive impact on her home.

"During the interviews, I was able to ask them what their jobs were and how they were going to improve the lives of us clients," Shannon said.

"I was really happy with the answers that were given. I think the clusters will be good for us clients."

Shannon said having familiarity is important for clients, especially when they have known certain staff for a long period of time.

"Having people we know and trust is important. They know the type of support we need and can communicate well," Shannon said.

"Having managers that are able to communicate with clients' families is crucial. Our families want to know what is going on, and I am confident the communication is going to be better."

Being involved in the interview process allowed Shannon to be assured that Minda was choosing the best matched people for the Cluster and Deputy Cluster Managers positions. She encouraged more clients to be involved and voice any concerns they may have.

"I think other clients should be involved in the interviews. I really enjoyed being able to ask questions. It allowed me to learn a lot and made me feel like they are the right people for the job," Shannon said.

Shannon said she is confident that Minda's cluster roll-out will improve the lives of clients and allow them to live the best possible life.

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