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7 Jul 2021

A group of Saint Ignatius’ College Year 11 students have been rolling up their sleeves and digging in to help out with garden projects at Minda Brighton.

Part of the college’s Caroline Chisholm Program for community service, the students worked with the Envirocare grounds maintenance team including preparing and planting new gardens.

“The program is an opportunity for us to get out in the community and give back by spending time helping others,” group participant Mia says.

“It’s a nice place to be here at Brighton, I used to have a family member who lived here at Minda, but I haven’t been here in a while so it’s nice to get back.”

Whether it was digging, planting or carting mulch, the Envirocare team was impressed with the quality, commitment, and efficiency the students showed in their work.

“Gardening is not something I would normally be doing so it’s nice to be learning new skills and helping out at the same time making the gardens look nicer for the residents," Mia says.

Students from Saint Ignatius' and Envirocare team leader Nakita Pillar pictured smiling, wearing high visibility jackets, and carrying gardening tools, in front of a finished garden bed

Saint Ignatius' College students (Back) Finn, Amira, Alessia, Mia and (front) Luca and Max, with Envirocare's Nakita.

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