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NDIS update on what can and can’t be funded

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15 Jul 2021

The National Disability Insurance Agency has added new information to its Would we fund it guide to explain what the NDIS can and can’t fund.

The guide, released earlier this year, addresses commonly requested NDIS support items including new guidance and case examples on four types of supports:

In examining each support item, the NDIA details how “reasonable and necessary” decisions are made in each circumstance to help participants, their families and carers understand the decision-making process and whether to include particular supports or services in their plans.

The guide also has information on how some of the supports which are not funded under the NDIS may be provided through other systems of service delivery or support.

The NDIS cannot fund a support if:

  • it is the responsibility of another government system or community service to fund that support
  • is not related to participants’ disability
  • there is no evidence that the support will substantially improve their life stage outcomes and benefit in the long term
  • it relates to day-to-day living costs that are not related to participants’ support needs, or
  • the support is likely to cause them harm or pose a risk to others.

While it’s not a complete list of supports that can or can’t be funded by the NDIS included in the guide, it does though focus on items more frequently highlighted by participants as confusing, or being items that often result in requests for a plan review.

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