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30 Jan 2023

Vacancies are now open in our MyPath day programs! Whether you're keen to create new friendships, join an art class or learn how to cook your favourite food, MyPath has a program for you.

Plan, prep and cook basic meals while expanding your palate and developing basic cooking skills! Gain an understanding of nutritional eating and learn essential food hygiene practices.

Participate in a wide range of activities promoting physical health and wellbeing including walks along the coast, monthly sailing trips and general enjoyment of the great outdoors!

A small retail store near INC Cafe providing the perfect environment for you to learn skills required to transition to work. Learn to operate a till, talk to customers and more!

Access our custom-built ICT suite to participate in activities revolving around computers, gaming and digital media.

Let your creative side show and learn the basic skills of pottery using clay and our in-house kilns. Anything you make can be taken home or given as gifts to friends and family.

Dive into the world of expressionism through visual mediums. Our visual arts program is accessible to anyone's skillset and explores rotating themes - so you'll never be bored!

Let our staff empower you to learn how to catch public transport from the Brighton Lifestyle Precinct and make your way to the Marion Aquatic Centre for regular access sessions.

Learn to knit, weave and sew in a rotating series of activities designed to help you transfer these skills to your home environment. And everything you make, you can take home!

Everything hands on! Woodwork, furniture restoration, car wash, bike maintenance and more - the perfect fit for anyone who wants to roll up their sleeves and work with their hands!

The program focusses on all things renewable. You can create recyclable artwork, work in our garden and anything else you can think of that facilitates a sustainable future.

Our staff will expand your capacity for communication and support you through a range of practices through storytelling, communication through music and sign language.

Engage with and give back to the wider community. Work with the teams at Meals on Wheels, the RSPCA and the Holdfast Council and feel good about giving back!

Centred in the concept of spiritual wellbeing, this program offers low key and sensory sensitive activities like pamper days, meditation, aroma therapy and tai chi.

Dance gives you the opportunity to learn some new moves in front of our custom-built dance mirror in our creative space to take out with you to your next party while also keeping fit!

Geared towards a younger crowd, this program aims to connect you with your peers and develop meaningful friendships while learning some new skills.

Contact our friendly team for more information and to enquire.

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