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MyPath client artwork chosen for Brighton Jetty Sculptures Exhibition

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17 Jan 2024

Art has long been used as a powerful tool to communicate thoughts, ideas and feelings, but it also has the potential to inspire important societal change.

Through the power of art, clients from three MyPath programs will challenge the inequality and bias that people living with disabilities face at this month’s 2024 Brighton Jetty Sculptures exhibition.

MyPath’s flower sculpture, titled We all Bloom in our own Unique and Wonderful Way, is the perfect example of the incredible talent and skills our MyPath clients have.

The sculpture features a total of 40 ceramic flowers created by clients from the Pottery program, which has an on-site pottery studio/kiln.

Clients from the Visual Arts and Skill Development programs were heavily involved in tasks, such as painting and attaching the ceramic flowers to bamboo stems.

Suzanne Sloan, from MyPath’s Visual Arts program, said the sculpture celebrates the individuality and creativity of the clients who have worked together to make the project a reality.

She also explained that flowers are a celebration of love and beauty, but also remind people of the inescapable passage of time and the delicate eco-system that we live in.

“We have hand created flowers in full bloom, in raw and organic form, that are opening themselves to the sun’s rays,” Suzanne said.

“Petals lie open in vibrant and soft colours, each one unique and wonderful in its own way, like the artists at MyPath who created them.”

The Brighton Jetty Sculptures exhibition will take place from 17 - 28 January, with MyPath’s sculpture available to purchase for $3,200.

To learn more about the exhibition, please click here.

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