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Exclusive Tour of Minda’s New MyPATH Day Options Programs

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3 Apr 2023

Being socially active, establishing meaningful connections and learning new life skills is essential to your clients’ wellbeing and living their best life.

Minda’s tailored MyPATH Day Options programs at our custom built Lifestyle Precinct provides pathways for further capacity building in a fun way through a wide range of exciting activities and volunteering opportunities.

All programs are outcome-focussed and are reviewed regularly to keep up with changing interests to ensure clients from all ages (16y upwards) can enjoy activities of their preference.

Learn more about the new programs and experiences on offer, and see our state-of-the art site for yourself. Book your exclusive Support Coordinator Tour today!

Exclusive MyPath Day Options Programs Tours
Where: MyPath Lifestyle Precinct | Sir Josiah Symon Avenue, North Brighton
When: Thursday 20 April & Thursday 27 April
Hourly from 10.30am to 2.30pm

To book your tour, contact our Client Support Unit on 1800 164 632 or email

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