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23 Aug 2021

A commitment to career development and continual skills improvement has been a driving force in Paul Giuffreda’s willingness to step in and step up to help at Minda.

“When the NDIS was introduced the service model changed and there was an opportunity to become a Team Leader in Mentoring and I went ahead and gave it a go,” Paul says.

“In the meantime, I completed my Cert III in disability and also did a Cert IV in frontline management and now I’m in my fourth year as a support leader.”

When working in a new role, Paul says it’s made easier when the team around you is inclusive and supportive of each other with a culture of not only working to develop your own skills but also of those you work with.

We all have a common goal and it’s all client based. It’s what can we do to improve the life of our clients or help them to live their best life.

- Paul Giuffreda

Ever the team player, Paul has stepped across to support different teams, providing advice and support.

“I see it as a good opportunity to meet new people and learn new skills – that’s what career development is all about,” Paul says.

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