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3 Jun 2021

Working side by side and walking hand in hand, husband and wife volunteer team Kathy and Phil Holgate are hailed as a true representation and extension of Minda’s values.

Highly valued members of the Minda community, the Holgates are an integral asset to the Fundraising team getting on board with whatever is needed and whenever it is needed from coin collection through to Bunnings barbecues.

“Kathy has a grandson who is a client at Minda,” Phil says. “But through my life I’ve been quite involved with the giving side of the equation, everything from Apex, managing Little Athletics clubs, Lions clubs and recently Kathy and I joined Rotary which is also supporting Minda.”

We’re the giving type people rather than the taking type people. It’s like we’ve joined a big family really and we just enjoy it.

- Phil Holgate

Kathy agrees in the need and the desire to support Minda across the board.

“We see it as a very worthwhile organisation to support. It’s lovely to come here and it has to be beneficial for the clients.

“The Christmas event was lovely. I was working where Father Christmas was and I was interacting a lot with the clients, they were so excited.

“The next time we were here for a barbecue a client came up and said ‘I’ve seen you here before’, and it was because they were in the line for Father Christmas, they had better a memory than I had.”

With organisations like Minda relying on volunteers as an essential part of their operation, it is perhaps fitting that the dedicated duo has been nominated for the Premier’s Certificate of Recognition for outstanding volunteer service.

“We’re the giving type people rather than the taking type people,” Phil says. “It’s like we’ve joined a big family really and we just enjoy it.

“I think it’s very nice that we have been nominated, but it’s not an essential part of what we require here, we just enjoy doing what we’re doing and if it’s recognised and appreciated, well that’s great.”

Kathy too feels honoured but humbled by the recognition.

“To start with I was blown away, we do this purely because we want to do it because it’s an honour, there’s no doubt about it. I’m sure there are a lot of other people at Minda who do a lot more with clients that could just as easily qualify.”

Kathy and Phil Holgate stand together in front of a tree smiling about their volunteer work at Minda.

Dedicated Minda volunteers Kathy and Phil Holgate.

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