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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update for the Minda community

General News
28 Jan 2022

Minda is pleased to advise that as of Monday 31 January 2022 we will begin to re-open our Brighton Campus and resume normal supports and programs. While we continue to adapt to evolving conditions in the community and comply with updated requirements from authorities, below are some planned changes:

Staff return to work

For many weeks most of our administrative and back-end staff have been working from home, as recommended by State Government. We are now looking at a managed return to the office over coming weeks for many of those, in line with updated advice from authorities. Staff who return to the office will need to comply with safety requirements from authorities, including density restrictions and wearing of masks.

Our front-line staff such as Disability Support Workers will continue to wear full Personal Protective Equipment and adhere to current mandated requirements from authorities to ensure a safe environment for clients. We also have enhanced cleaning and hygiene protocols in place.

Brighton campus re-opening

While we have welcomed visits to family member living onsite, the closed signs at entry points of our grounds discouraging the broader community from entering will be removed.

As of Monday 31 January 2022, the following will resume normal operating hours, while still complying with density restrictions and other requirements from authorities:

• Supported Independent Living (SIL)

• MyPath (including op-shop ReStyle Sanctuary)

• Mentoring program

• Minda ASSIST Therapy

• Minda Aquatic Centre

• Inc Café (open for dine-in)

This will mean an increased number of clients, family members and people from the broader community starting to come back to our Brighton Campus. We ask you to support our efforts by correctly wearing a face mask when coming onsite, use hand sanitiser, practice social distancing and stay away if you feel unwell. The latest SA Health requirements can be found at the SA Health website.

MyPath families are asked to enter and leave through external doors of the room that your family member uses to minimise the number of people inside and to maintain strict maximum capacity requirements. You will also need to undergo a mandatory temperature check before entering any Minda building, and where possible our preference would be to do a handover at the entry/exit door to minimise the number of people inside a building.

Vaccination Hub closure

Thank you to those who have taken advantage of our onsite Vaccination Hub in Verco Hall, which comes to an end later today. Many clients have received a booster shot through the Hub or in the community. Anyone still needing a booster can still arrange for an in-house appointment by Aspen Medical.

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