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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update for the Minda community

General News
11 Mar 2022

With predictions of a spike in the number of local Covid cases in the days and weeks ahead, Minda continues to closely monitor and respond as part of our ongoing Covid Management strategy.

There are days when we have had no confirmed cases or locations effected by Covid-19, and that suddenly changes as we await test results of a close contact or someone who has tested positive. It’s very much been ‘steady as she goes’ so far, and that will continue to be the case for some time to come I expect.

What are the updated isolation requirements?

This week SA Health announced changes to isolation requirements. The updated requirement states a person must isolate for 7 days after a positive result from a PCR test or Rapid Antigen Test. Day 0 begins on the day the positive test occurs.

If the person has no acute symptoms (such as sore throat, runny nose, cough or shortness of breath) in the last 24 hours of that isolation period, they can leave isolation at 11.59pm on day 7. If any of these symptoms remain on day 7, they are required to remain in isolation until 24 hours after all symptoms have resolved.

The direction from SA Health requires Minda staff to notify Minda if they are still symptomatic and must remain in isolation, or have completed their isolation period and can return to work.

SA Health requirements for days 8-10 after isolation are:

- A mask must be worn around other people

- A person must not attend a high-risk setting

What impact does this have on Minda?

Clients and staff must isolate as per the updated SA Health requirements.

Minda staff will continue to observe and monitor clients for symptoms and ensure they remain isolated for longer than 7 days if symptoms persist. The extended isolation period will end 24 hours after symptoms are no longer observed.

With Summer officially ended and cooler nights and days starting to happen, there is every likelihood of colds and flu also beginning to ramp up as we experience the change of season. It is important to stay away if you unwell and do not visit Minda until your health has improved. If you do visit, please continue to wear a facemask, wash your hands, socially distance and use hand sanitiser.

Your support will continue to best protect our clients and staff.

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