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Client Consultative Committee up and running

Janet centre with Ali and Debbie from Our Voice distanced
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15 Oct 2021

Our Client Consultative Committee is off to a fantastic start, with clients Bev, Maria, Kaylene and Anthony, Shannon, Janet, Brenton, Anthony and Tiffany keenly representing their peers.

Janet has been a Minda client for more than half a century and is delighted to be part of the Committee, which gives clients a chance to speak up and be heard on issues affecting them, and to make recommendations to the Minda leadership team.

“I wanted to be on the Committee to have a say on things that matter to me and others too,” Janet says.

“It’s important to have a say, to stick up for your rights, and to help other people.”

It’s important to have a say, to stick up for your rights, and to help other people.

- Janet

In an interesting twist, Debbie used to work at Minda for 38 years and knows Janet, Bev and Maria – she started working at Minda at 16 years of age and first met Janet when Janet was 18. At the most recent meeting, Debbie and Janet had great fun reminiscing about old times before getting stuck into values, goals and first steps for the group’s Strategic Plan.

Client and Family Liaison Coordinator Glynis McDuie says the Client Consultative Committee meets fortnightly on a Thursday afternoon, with a rotating Chairperson so everyone gets a chance to develop their leadership skills.

Glynis says the Client Consultative Committee helps to lead discussions on issues that clients and their peers are facing including human rights, decision making, relationships and employment.

“They also discuss what’s working and what changes they want to see,” Glynis says.

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