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9 Jun 2023

Cooking is not just about being in the kitchen – there is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into a meal.

From preparing a shopping list to heading to the supermarket and navigating the aisles, there are skills put into practice.

This is what MyPath client Brandon does every Monday and Wednesday when he takes part in the cooking program.

After his day in the kitchen at Minda, he is excited to bring the recipe home and try making it with his family.

“The program has made Brandon more aware of healthy eating and to make healthier choices. He always wants to talk about the recipes at home and wants to participate in the cooking process,” Brandon’s mother Samantha said.

“It has helped him build confidence in the kitchen. They encourage him to participate, and the staff always find little things that work to help him be part of it.”

"...they have really put his needs first."

- Samantha, Brandon's Mum

Minda’s MyPath day programs give the opportunity for people living with intellectual disability to participate in a range of activities to help them develop skills to live their best life.

Since Brandon started accessing MyPath services in 2018 for five days a week, he has been acquiring a vast range of skills that assist in developing his independence.

“From when Brandon first started in the program, his goals have always been around healthy eating and exercise, and also learning to follow a routine.”

When Brandon isn’t cooking, he engages in the fitness program on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which offers a different activity each time, from riding bikes around the campus to visiting walking trails. And on Fridays Brandon takes part in the swimming program – his favourite.

“Brandon loves riding his bike, which works on improving his balance, he also loves basketball to help with coordination, but his favourite is the community swim,” Samantha said.

“He has trouble with his ears, and he doesn’t like to wear earplugs so the support workers adapted the program so he can walk and play games in the pool without getting his ears wet. He works on his muscle strength by walking in the water.

“And Brandon can still be with his friends and the same support workers – they have really put his needs first. The changes have really worked well,” Samantha said.

Minda Easter 20230330 DSC9755

Brandon and Kim at the Minda Easter Eggstravaganza event in April.

“We have seen huge improvements in Brandon’s behaviour since he started at Minda in 2018 – he is calmer and more positive.”

- Samantha, Brandon's Mum

His mother Samantha couldn’t be happier with the opportunity it has given her son to expand and build on his skills.

“He is always happy after he’s been to Minda. He is always chatty about his day, and he gets excited to be with all the staff,” she said.

The day programs offer group as well as one-on-one support which can be tailored for each client.

“We have seen huge improvements in Brandon’s behaviour since he started at Minda in 2018 – he is calmer and more positive.” Samantha said.

“We haven’t had a negative experience at all with Minda. Everything just works well - the support workers and the collaboration between everyone.”

If you (or someone you know) would like to join MyPath or find out how Minda can support you to achieve goals in your NDIS plan, contact us on 1800 164 642 or complete the contact form below.

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