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14 Jul 2021

For more than 50 years Marg Boehm dedicated herself to volunteering at Minda, and while ill health means she’s no longer able to, she’ll always treasure those memories.

It was in 1967 when Marg first came to Minda as a volunteer with other members of her Lutheran Church congregation, getting involved in everything from taking a bus load of clients on day trips, assisting with church services through to storytelling, craft and afternoon teas.

“I remember laughing and crying,” Marg says. “I remember the funny things that happened especially on the bus trips."

Marg says it’s the personal side of volunteering at Minda she holds dear to her heart.

“The interaction with each other, the love they have for one another. It was being loved because we went there, and we felt the love," she says.

“It’s just walking into the room and them saying ‘Oh here’s Marg’ and you feel the love, they would always make us afternoon tea and the cake would be either bright orange or bright purple and we’d sit and have afternoon tea.”

And while due to her health she’s now having to, Marg says she can’t imagine her life without having been involved with the Minda community.

“I still feel that connection, I feel free that I can visit any time and walk through the door and join in. It was a very special part of my life with the clients and also the staff, they’re all invested in it as well, just so connected with their jobs and are so caring," she says.

Marg wearing a blue checked shirt, wearing glasses, and holding her Spoodle puppy named Eddie. Marg is sitting in a chair with a colourful crocheted blanket over the backrest.

Marg Boehm with her dog Eddie.

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