Thank you for considering including a gift to Minda in your Will.


A gift in your Will, no matter how large or small, is a powerful way of helping Minda deliver industry leading support for people with disability now and for years to come!

1. Decide how you would like your assets to be shared.

Making a Will is the only way you can be certain that the assets of your estate will benefit the people and causes that you care about the most.

2. Contact a solicitor.

Your Will is an important legal document. To ensure that your Will is made in accordance with your wishes we recommend that you engage a solicitor to assist you.

3. Decide how you'll leave a gift to Minda.

There are several ways that you can leave a lasting gift to Minda by way of a bequest in your Will:

A) Specific bequest - this is a gift to Minda of a particular asset of the estate, for example; a house, shares or a specific bank account or managed investment.

B) Pecuniary legacy - this is a gift to Minda of a specified sum of money.

C) Residuary bequest - this may be a percentage of or all of the estate remaining after the specific gifts, bequests or legacies and the expenses and liabilities of your estate have been paid. This is a popular way of including a charity in a Will. Often Minda will be left a percentage of the residuary estate alongside payment of a percentage to loved ones.

We again recommend that you consult and share you estate plan with a solicitor so that your Will is drafted in accordance with your wishes.

We suggest you use the following words in your Will:

"I GIVE [choose A, B or C]:

A) The sum of $_____; or

B) The whole of, or _____% of my residuary estate; or

C) My [specific item i.e. house, shares or bank account]

to Minda Incorporated ABN 37 020 000 711 of 12-16 King George Avenue, North Brighton SA 5048 or its successors in interest to be used for its general purposes AND I DECLARE that a receipt issued by the Chief Financial Officer or other proper officer for the time being of the above charitable body shall be full and sufficient discharge to my trustee who shall not be required to see the application thereof."

4. Let Minda know about your valuable gift.

We would be grateful if you would contact Minda's Donor Relations Advocate to advise of your intended gift. Advising Minda of your intended gift as soon as possible will allow us to say thank you by including you in Minda events and activities and allow us to update our records and plan for the future.

For further information or enquiries about leaving a gift in your Will, please contact Marion Zafry, Donor Relations Advocate on (08) 8422 6286 or at

Thank you for your support of people with disability!