Our supporters make it possible for people with disability to have an extraordinary life.

Funding only goes so far, and waiting lists for services continue to grow. We just don’t have enough resources to cope with demand, which means people (including children) are missing out on vital support. This is urgent.

It’s upsetting to know there are young people whose lives are on hold, waiting for the support they need to learn new skills and be happy.
Michael and Liz came to us with hope for their daughter, Kate. They lived interstate and were desperate to find somewhere that would help Kate have a meaningful life.

“Once we had both retired, something hit home. We realised we were getting older and we weren’t always going to be able to look after Kate. Was she going to end up going from house to house? We knew we weren’t going to be happy until Kate was happy,” Michael says.

Access to the right support can make a huge difference in someone’s life, particularly when they are young. Sadly, there are still many people in need.

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Kate has down syndrome; she has poor muscle tone and difficulty with her speech. She needs help with self-care, cooking, transport and communication.

“Kate was born in August, but we didn’t take her home until November. When she was only a day old, she was transferred to the children’s hospital and had an operation to fix a hole in her heart at 11 weeks. In grade 6 we noticed a clear social gap from Kate’s classmates, so we decided on a specialist school for her secondary schooling, and she had the loveliest years there,” Michael says.

When Kate turned 18, school was no longer an option. Kate didn’t have the capacity to work, but she needed stimulation, learning and friends. So, she went on to participate in day options at a local disability support provider.

I often hear parents say they hope for a happy future for their child with disability. Like any parent, they want them to feel cared for and live their life to the fullest. But they need support.

It’s heartbreaking to know so many families are in limbo and don’t know where to turn.

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Kate’s family say it was like falling off a cliff. When Kate left school, she wasn’t happy and they didn’t know what they were going to do. Their lives changed when they found Minda.

“We were in Adelaide for a holiday and decided to take a tour of this place our friend had raved about, Minda – it was a revelation! A, all the doors were open, B, people talked to us and were friendly. But the thing that struck us most was that the customers came up and shook our hands. We’d never seen somewhere so transparent and welcoming. It was amazing,” says Liz.

Having access to the right support can mean the world to families like Kate’s. So much so, that Michael and Liz made the big decision to move to Adelaide – and they haven’t looked back.

Thanks to our community's support, people with disability can find a place that will help them achieve what they want in life. Thanks to you, people like Kate, are finding happiness in a world that isn’t always kind and accessible.

Fortunately, we were able to find a place for Kate at Minda and she started going to day programs.
We worked with Kate and her family to make sure she was in the right groups doing things she likes, with people she could make friends with. Kate now spends her days learning a variety of skills in gardening, cooking, arts and fitness.

“We’ve met lovely people who have guided us with support for Kate. We weren’t used to people taking our concerns seriously and being so helpful. It has been fantastic,” says Liz.

“After a while, someone suggested that Kate might like to work in the Op Shop, reStyle Sanctuary. And I thought, Kate would be like a bull in a china shop! But she has absolutely gob-smacked us. She is making cups of tea, working the till, sorting clothes and best of all, she loves it,” says Michael.

I hope you can see just how much of an impact you can have on someone’s life. With the right support, people with disability can achieve things that even their family didn’t think possible.

Donations make it possible for us to go the extra mile. Please will you show your support and donate today? You will be giving an incredible gift to someone who urgently needs support.

One of Liz and Michael’s major concerns for Kate was her independence and making sure she is okay if they are not able to care for her.

“We don’t want Kate to think it’s just us all the time. We want her to have some independence,” says Michael.

“We were expecting we’d have to wait maybe 10 years for supported accommodation. That’s what we’d heard interstate,” says Liz.

Thanks to our supporters, we have recently updated our site at Brighton to include purpose-built accommodation for people with disability. Houses and apartments have been fitted with equipment and technology to give people the independence they crave whilst still providing the care they need.

Just last year, we were able to offer a place for Kate.

“To receive the NDIS funding for accommodation, we had to apply for a review of Kate’s plan. I was getting really worried because it took 6 months until it was sorted and I didn’t know whether Minda would be able to keep Kate’s spot for her,” says Liz.

Kate was allocated a house with three other ladies who we thought would make great housemates. Kate’s room was hers despite the delay. We place people together thoughtfully depending on their needs and their interests.

“The process was harder for Michael and me, really. It was difficult letting go of Kate. But she’s so happy. Kate’s self-esteem has gone way up and she loves the house. She comes to our place for family dinner on Mondays and she never hesitates to go back to her home with a
says Liz.

It is only with support that we are able to truly provide the care we aspire to, which is extraordinary; far beyond a roof overhead and a table to sit at. People with disability and their families deserve to have opportunities for a great life.

“We really underestimated how much Kate loves being at Minda. I don’t think we appreciated it until we went away for a few weeks and saw how much she missed it,” says Liz.

“And she’s learning so much. We brought a family friend over to see her home. Usually she’ll hug people she knows well but she put her hand out to shake his hand because she doesn’t see him that often. And we thought that was great. She knows not to hug everybody. She’s learnt that eye contact and shaking hands is good social behaviour and she’s learnt that at Minda. It’s such a great relationship. We don’t feel like it’s their job, we’ve all got a shared responsibility for Kate, and that’s amazing.”

Donations mean people with disability are getting to live with purpose and joy. If you are able, I hope you will show your support. A donation today will make a wonderful difference.