Support for Carers

Caring for and supporting a person living with intellectual disability can take an extraordinary commitment of both time and energy.

Whether you’re a parent, family member, or friend, as the primary carer for someone living with intellectual disability, you may need support from disability services, carer support networks and the wider community.

Disability Choices offers two ‘parent’ groups, every second month which help to ease the process of linking carers of l living with intellectual disability to services and allow those who may feel isolated and disconnected, make contact with other carers and parents.

Speaking to others who have had the same experience can really make a difference; parent groups give you a chance to share tips and information, solve problems, make friends and grow your support network.


Contacts for carers:

Disability Choices: 1800 1 MINDA (64632)

Carer Support: 1800 052 222 or 8379 5777

Carers South Australia: 1800 242 636