TRAK Furniture

TRAK Furniture has been specialising in timber furniture, timber products and gift items in South Australia since 1986.

TRAK manufactures and assembles a range of timber products, such as solid panels, bed divan frames, timber gift boxes and timber furniture, which is sold at some of Australia’s best known retailers, as well as wholesale to the general public.

Supported employees are assisted to operate specialist equipment to  produce high-quality, timber pieces and also produce component parts, which are supplied to the broader timber industry.

With support and training, employees learn the safety and skills necessary for timber finishing and furniture assembly. Minda also assists employees to gain additional training through registered training organisations, with courses that are specific to the timber industry. All timber products are built in line with industry standards.

TRAK also works in the packaging sector, liquid-filling and labelling for South Australia companies and can-labelling for an international company. TRAK are always looking for new and exciting packaging works and methods to further enhance the skills of their support employees.

TRAK Furniture Products
The work produced by TRAK is made to order and where possible, special requests will happily be accommodated. With a wide range of different and unique works, TRAK caters for all markets and produce quality that lasts, with attention to detail and high craftsmanship.

We specialise in solid timber products including:

  • Victorian Ash and Jarrah panels
  • Vegetable boxes
  • Timber gift and display boxes
  • Commercial dry bars and stools and much more

Timber goods can be stained to match your existing goods or coloured to any factory-made colour.

Packaging works can be quoted and works carried out on request.

To order a product or find out more, contact TRAK Furniture via our website here, or call 7231 4975.

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