Everyone should have the opportunity to participate in society without fear or prejudice.

We are here to lead our people, our community, our state toward a future where everyone has the opportunity to create purposeful and enriched lives.

We have been around since 1898 and while connection to past is vital, it is our vision for the future that drives us.

We are purpose-led in creating a world where participation and contribution are the norm. Confident in this stance, we are never afraid to disrupt the status quo, but always with kindness, always with empathy.

Our stories are rich, real and sometimes hard to hear. They are also heartwarming and funny. They will often make you think. They might even inspire you to see things a little bit differently.

At Minda, we think big. We are fun, we are unifying. Most importantly, we are here for you. For your family. For your community.

To be the world leader in cognitive disability care, services and housing. 

To facilitate a lifetime of care, services and housing for South Australians with cognitive disability, so they can live their best life.

We work with heart
To create opportunity
Operating with respect
To build a community
Inspired by empathy.

Heart, opportunity, respect, community, empathy – they are the values that drive us.

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