MyHome NDIS Planning Guide

For most people “an ordinary life” means leaving their parents’ home as a young adult and living in a shared house with friends or house mates, on their own or with a partner. For people living with a disability, this natural progression is not as easy without appropriate housing and support.

The MyHome NDIS Planning Guide has been developed to help you think about your goals for future living arrangements. As an NDIS recipient, use this guide with your NDIS Planning & Review Guide to help develop your Exploring Housing Options (EHO) plan. EHO is a budget line in your NDIS plan for those people who are ready to access supported accommodation.

Minda's accomodation specialists are ready and available to meet with you and discuss your needs. We can help you find a home that enriches your life and provides opportunities to engage with the community.

How to use the MyHome NDIS Planning Guide
Please work through the sections and fill in as much information as possible. You can add any additional relevant information at the end. Remember, you don’t need to fill this in all at once. Take your time to think each section through, considering the formal and informal supports you have in place and your hopes for the future. Click the picture below to view our MyHome NDIS Planning Guide, or click here to download a copy.

Do you need support?
If you need help to complete this booklet, or want to talk about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), please contact Minda's Disability Choices team on 1800 164 632 or

You can also ask a family member, carer or friend to help you complete the booklet.