Minda is conducting an independent Governance review and we want everyone from staff, to Association members, families and advocates of the people we support to have the opportunity to be involved.

We look forward to sharing more information with you soon about how you can get involved.

Please find the terms of reference below:


Terms of Reference

The purpose of the review is to examine the frameworks and practices in relation to governance and accountabilities at Minda. In particular, this review will seek to:

  • Identify any core organisation drivers which contributed to the events leading up to the sanction of the Minda Nursing Home
  • Assess Board and executive composition, skills and performance
  • Comment on the adequacy of the governance structure and frameworks which monitor:
    • Risk management
    • Clinical safety
    • Quality of services
    • Compliance obligations
  • Assess the framework for identification, escalation and addressing matters of concern raised by staff, regulators or customers

The outcome of the review will be a findings and recommendations report for the Board of Minda.

The following will be out of scope of this review:

  • Matters which are currently or have been subject to legal or regulatory proceedings (where a separate determination will be/has been made).
  • Individual client or member complaints