Financial Support

If you want support managing individualised funding, accessing funding or finding out what you are entitled to, please contact Minda’s Disability Choices.

The majority of government benefit payments for people with disability are administered by Centrelink.

Some supports you may be entitled to include:

  • Disability Support Pension (DSP) – a regular payment for people who cannot work because they are living with disability. The DPS is asset and income tested and you must be an Australian resident to be eligible
  • Mobility Allowance – an allowance for people who cannot use public transport (without substantial assistance) who need travel for work, study or training
  • Youth Disability Supplement – a payment for young people living with disability, who may already be receiving income support payments
  • Child Disability Assistance Payment – an annual payment to parents towards the costs of caring for a child living with disability

You may also be eligible for additional support through the NDIS.