Minda Association

As the controlling body of Minda, Association members are able to directly influence the direction of the organisation and its priorities, including major strategic initiatives undertaken.

Through the Board, Minda’s Association provides independent governance and ensures peak operations such as finances, acquisitions, residential standards and corporate identity are performing to the highest level and meeting the needs of the individuals we support.

Do you want to join the Minda Association? 
Download an application form here.

Do you want to renew your Minda Association membership? 
Contact Val Jones on 8422 6270 or email val.jones@minda.asn.au


Minda Association Annual General Meeting 2016

Sunday 20 November 2016 at 10.30am, Verco Hall, Minda (Brighton site)


  1. AGM Notification Letter
  2. Agenda for 2016 AGM
  3. Minutes of 2015 AGM
  4. Minutes Association Meeting 28 June 2016
  5. Minda Rules as at 28 June 2016
  6. Minda Annual Report 2015-16

Enquiries Connie Buxton 8422 6271 or email connie.buxton@minda.asn.au