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16 Aug 2021

Minda's COVID-19 vaccination hub, run in conjunction with Aspen Medical, is expanding the Verco Hall clinic to allow all disability and aged care staff, residents, and clients to receive their COVID-19 vaccination here at Minda Brighton.

People from all different organisations can now access our vaccination hub which means Minda is playing a significant role in helping to keep the wider South Australian community, especially those in more vulnerable groups, safe from Coronavirus.

To help make this important initiative accessible, parking will be allocated for the Aspen team and people visiting to get the vaccination in the Verco carpark.

We are urging own Minda community to book their vaccination appointment now if they haven’t already. Aspen Medical is anticipating an influx of bookings from people outside of Minda as soon as bookings are opened more widely.

So far Aspen Medical has administered 799 doses of the Pfizer vaccine to Minda clients, 1,298 doses of the vaccine to Minda staff, and 440 doses of the vaccine to family members (figures as of Wednesday, August 5).

Minda staff, and family members of Minda clients who act as a carer, who haven’t yet been vaccinated but would like to receive the Pfizer vaccine from the friendly Aspen Medical team are being encouraged to book as soon as possible.

Four ladies standing at the front door of Verco Hall. Angela on the left has blonde curly hair and is wearing a white blouse, black pants and a grey scarf. Emily is in all black and has grey curly hair and glasses. Matilda is wearing a grey shirt ad blue jeans and has long blonde hair. Amanda is in a a tan coloured blouse and black pants, She has red hair in a bun.

Angela Schlink (Aspen), Minda Quality and Safeguarding Project Manager Emily Sherpa, Matilda Porter (Aspen) and Lead Clinical Educator Amanda Tate outside the Verco Hall Vaccination Hub.

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