Transport Skills

Getting to and from work, to the supermarket and to visit family and friends can be difficult and confusing, but transport training helps to simplify the process and grow your independence.

The one-on-one training is specific not only to you, but to the places you want to go. Our professional trainers help to identify the best and safest route, compiling a book of pictures of the bus, train or tram stop and landmarks along the way.

They also go on the trips with you to help build your confidence and plan the best way to get from the stop to the desired location.

Training also includes how to:

  • Hail a bus
  • Safely board the bus, train or tram
  • Validate tickets
  • Buy a Metrocard
  • Stay safe on public transport

Safety is a key component of the training, and the transport training team can also help you to install navigation tools on your phone, so your family or carer can have peace of mind that you have arrived safely at your destination.