Community Accommodation

Having a secure and comfortable home and being an active part of your local community brings a whole range of benefits to your lifestyle and well-being. With more than 60 homes throughout metropolitan Adelaide, Minda Housing Ltd can support you to live in the community of your choice and with people you want to live with.

Minda Housing Ltd's community homes provide an environment promoting skills and emotional growth, with access to services and true integration with the community. Community homes can give you the opportunity to:

  • Live independently
  • Develop your skills
  • Enhance emotional growth
  • Interact socially
  • Have access to services

Each house encourages people to take responsibility for day-to-day tasks and responsibilities and gives people the chance to make their own choices and plans for how they wish to live.

We also offer a range of support services to young people living with intellectual disability who are moving from family care into more independent living situations, find out more here.