Minda Housing

Minda’s aim is to be a leader in providing sustainable housing for people living with disability. Our structure has been transitioned to Minda Housing Ltd to align with, and support, the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and individualised funding, which underpins the NDIS through the separation of tenancy management services from disability support services.

This means you can be secure in the knowledge that changing a disability support provider will not mean having to move to another home.

Our goal is to be recognised as applying best practice in disability accommodation, by providing options for individuals to best meet their needs. Involvement of the people Minda support in the day-to-day running of their homes is an important consideration to ensure the service model provides an empowering home environment.

Minda works within a developmental framework to enable an increase of independent living skills, thereby maximising the opportunities for individuals to live in the least restrictive environment.

Minda also offers a range of dwellings designed to reflect choice of where people want to live and with whom they want to live; they are homes promoting independence and participation in activities of daily living.

We provide a range of diverse and flexible accommodation options with variety in housing products, including purpose-built dwellings for people with exceptional needs who require a safe environment to protect them from harm to themselves or others. This mix of houses and accommodation types is designed for adaptability to allow for different levels of disability and age, by using universal design principles.

To Minda, one of the most important things is contributing to the creation of a real home - to find out more about Minda Housing Ltd, click here.