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With Minda Housing you can live in the community of your choice, with appropriate accommodation and support.

Accommodation options can include either supported or independent living, including:

  • In-home support
  • Community accommodation
  • Accommodation at Minda's Brighton site
  • Aged care at Minda's Brighton site
  • Aged care support in the community

Minda Housing offers a range of support options, which means you can make your own decision about who you would like to live with, how you want to be supported and where you want to live - to find out more, click here.

Minda is delighted to have successfully achieved Community Housing Registration as a Tier 2 Provider. We will continue to work within the National Regulatory System for Community Housing, to comply and progress our accommodation and residential services.

Add to My Choices

My Choices

Create a list of services you're interested in by using the "Add to My Choices" button. Then submit the form to Disability Choices and Minda will help connect you with services.