Allied Health Therapies

Appointments are available now in all Minda ASSIST Therapy’s disciplines. Call 8126 2400 to book.

Minda ASSIST Therapy’s allied health professionals are an experienced team who can help you build skills and improve your health and quality of life.

Our therapists support people with disabilities, and your family and carers, offering therapies and training specifically tailored to your needs.

Support is customised for you and is available in a variety of options including small group workshops and individual support.

Learn more about the kinds of services Minda ASSIST Therapy offers below:

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists can help you improve your independence and safety in everyday life. Minda ASSIST Therapy’s occupational therapists can offer support in areas like personal care and mealtimes, advice on equipment and housing modifications to make your life easier, and support with a range of sensory needs.

Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology

Our physiotherapists offer support with issues relating to the body and movement, including mobility, coordination, breathing exercises and pain relief. They may suggest equipment and assistive technology and can personalise treatment plans to be delivered at Minda, in your home or in hydrotherapy sessions at the Minda Aquatic Centre. Physiotherapists can also help with exercise plans to keep you fit and healthy!

Psychology and psychiatry

Psychologists can support behaviour and emotions, including how people think, feel, behave and react. Minda ASSIST Therapy’s psychologists can support you and your family to cope with the emotional challenges that come with disability.

Support from psychologists may include:

  • Counselling
  • Development of positive behaviour support plans
  • Staff training and development
  • Crisis intervention
  • Assessment of capacity to consent
  • Prescription and review of restrictive practices

A psychiatrist is a qualified medical doctor, with extra qualifications in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illness and emotional problems. Access to the Psychiatrist is currently limited to Minda service users, and only available on a referral basis.

Developmental Education

Minda ASSIST Therapy developmental educators supporting people with disability to develop the skills needed to live a life of their choosing. They and can help you build the skills to find a job, live independently, get involved in your community and make new friends. Our developmental educators tailor programs to suit your learning style and your goals. Learn more about the kind of skills we can help you learn here.

Speech Pathology and Swallowing Disorders

Speech Pathologist are specially trained to support you to improve your communication skills, and manage swallowing disorders. Swallowing disorders can result in choking, dehydration and malnutrition, and illnesses like chest infections and pneumonia. Speech pathologists can assist with swallowing techniques and may recommend food and drink options to reduce the risk of choking and illness.


Minda ASSIST Therapy dieticians can help you enjoy the social, emotional and physical benefits of a healthy diet. Our dieticians can help you design and follow a healthy eating plan, shop for and cook meals, and stay motivated to eat well. Importantly, Minda’s dieticians understand that everyone has unique tastes and takes your food preferences and individual needs into account when helping you make your healthy meal plan.

Are you interested in a career with Minda ASSIST Therapy? We're recruiting now for skilled therapists with an interest in supporting people with disability to live their best lives. Click here to view roles available now.