Repairs & Maintenance

Responsibilities and Expectations

Minda is responsible for facilitating maintenance and repairs to properties owned and/or managed by Minda and in certain circumstances, facilitating maintenance and repairs to privately leased properties through the owner or agent.

The Tenant(s) is expected to:

  • Keep their home and grounds in a clean and tidy condition as per their lease agreement; and
  • Report damage or any items that need repair within 3 days of the occurrence; and
  • Ensure their contact details are up to date.

It is the Tenant(s) responsibility to report any matters that require attention via the Manager of the accommodation where they are living in or directly to the Minda Tenancy Relations Officer.

Download Minda Tenant Handbook (currently under review) for further information.

To ensure a timely service, Tenant(s) will be asked to provide the staff member assisting Tenant(s) the following information:

  • Their name
  • Their address and current contact telephone number
  • A description of the problem and/or location within the home
  • Whether the problem has been reported before
  • A suitable time for a tradesperson to attend.

Minda will arrange with the Tennant(s) a contact number for repairs and maintenance and that the appointment made for our contractors to come to the home are kept.

Reasonable access to the Tenant(s) home by Minda staff or contracted tradespeople during the working hours 8:30am-5pm to either assess the condition of the property or to carry out identified maintenance repairs.

Minda staff or Contractors will not enter the Tenant(s) premises when the Tennant(s) is not home, unless the Tenant(s) has made alternative arrangements for someone else to provide access to the property, or in emergency situations. In such circumstances all care will be taken to make necessary repairs and ensure the security of the Tenant(s) property and premises.

Access to Premises

Under the Residential Tenancies Act 1995 Tenant(s) have the right to privacy and quiet enjoyment of the premises they are renting. To enter a property legally, permission from the Tenant(s) is required or appropriate notice given. It is a term of a residential tenancy agreement that the landlord may enter the premises if, and only if:

  • Emergency Access is required
    Entry is made in an emergency e.g. fire, flood, gas leak etc. wherein no notice needs to be given.
  • Routine Inspection Access is required
    The landlord gives the Tenant(s) written notice stating the purpose and specifying the date and time of the proposed entry not less than seven days and not more than 14 days before entering the premises for the purpose of conducting a routine inspection.
  • Maintenance Access is required
    Entry is made for the purpose of carrying out necessary repairs or maintenance at a reasonable time of which the Tenant(s) has been given at least 48 hours’ notice.

Under the Residential Tenancies Act 1995, access to the premises is available for the following specific reasons:

Reason Notice Required
Having a general inspection Written notice 7 - 14 days
Carrying out necessary maintenance 2 days / 48 hours
Carrying out emergency maintenance None
Responding to an emergency None
Following a SACAT tribunal order As stated in the SACAT tribunal order
If the Tenant(s) agrees At negotiated times

Property Inspections 
Minda makes arrangements before the commencement of the tenancy for a property inspection report, which will include a property inspection form with photographs of the property to support the information contained in the property inspection form.

The Tenant(s) is provided with a copy of the property inspection form at the tenancy sign up meeting. The Tenant(s) is requested to fill in two copies of the property inspection form – one to return to Minda (reply paid envelope provided) and the other for the Tenant(s) to keep for their records.

Minda will keep a third copy on file and ask the Tenant(s) to sign the document as notification that they have received a copy of the Residential Tenancies Tribunal (RTT) information brochure and that they have received a copy of the property inspection form. Should the Tenant(s) disagree with anything noted on the property inspection form at the time of return, the Tenancy Officer will discuss any discrepancy with the Tenant(s) and where appropriate, action any maintenance required.

Maintenance System
The initial point of contact for Tenant(s) with maintenance issues during normal business hours is 08 8422 6324.

A Service Request including all relevant information will be raised by a Minda staff member, and forwarded to our Maintenance section, where the priority for completion will be allocated and a work order sent to the Contractor.

Where Minda has organised maintenance that is not considered the result of fair wear and tear, where the property has been damaged maliciously or through neglect by the Tenant(s), or failure to allow access for repair, then costs will be the responsibility of the Tenant(s).

Timeframes for Completion of Maintenance are set down in Minda are as follows:

Type Response timeframe
Emergency 4 hours
Urgent 24 hours
Inspection Required 7 days
Routine 21 days

For maintenance issues on all privately leased properties, contact is made with the relevant Accommodation Manager or the Minda Tenancy Relations Officer who will then either arrange to have the work carried out, or pass the request through to the owner or agent of the property for action. Minda will need to be advised:

  • Of any serious problems or excessive delays the Tenant(s) may be experiencing during maintenance work
  • If there is any problems with workmanship or customer service by contractors.
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