Social Work

Social Work is a profession committed to the development of your full potential, and the development of groups and communities.

The social workers at Minda value your dignity and worth and are committed to empowering you to recognise and achieve your aspirations.

They are also committed to the pursuit of social justice; this includes the need for basic human needs to be fulfilled, appropriate access to services and equality under the law.

Social workers offer:

  • Individual and family assessments in order to offer appropriate support in services such as accommodation
  • Counselling and therapy for individuals and groups
  • Support to assist with life transitions in areas such as accommodation, vocational placements and ageing
  • Education on understanding relationships and friendships
  • Counselling for grief and loss issues
  • Conflict resolution for individuals, families and carers
  • Crisis support after a traumatic event

Training and resources are provided in a number of areas such as stress management and grief and loss.