Dietetics / Nutrition

The food we eat and activities involved in planning, preparing and eating meals are important to the enjoyment of life.

Our dietitians can help you to enjoy the social, emotional and physical benefits of a healthy diet, and can help you:

  • Follow a healthy eating plan
  • Make a meal plan with recipes
  • Give you the tools to shop on your own
  • Get more involved in the preparation of your food
  • Find food that matches your budget
  • Follow safe food handling practices
  • Stay motivated

We treat every person like an individual and take into account what you like to eat, your medical conditions and other special needs when coming up with a food plan.

At Minda we provide information and encouragement in a positive social setting, to help you make good choices.

We also:

  • Support participation in activities that encourage healthy eating and physical activity
  • Encourage a nutritious and adequate diet, based on scientific health and nutrition research
  • Help you choose foods to include and exclude from your diet
  • Respect individual food preferences and cultural preferences