Diabetes Education

Diabetes is a serious medical condition and the allied health team at Minda take a collaborative approach to providing support.

Minda has a working relationship with South Australia’s only credentialed diabetes educator, specialised in the area of Intellectual Disability.

Respect and communication are key; our healthcare providers identify your preferred form of learning and build a relationship which offers the optimum level of care – they are your partner in your healthcare plan for the future.

At Minda we:

  • Adopt a language you can understand
  • Use real and familiar examples to explain concepts
  • Wait for your response/feedback
  • Make you feel comfortable

With a management plan in place, you can achieve a much improved quality of life; these plans include nutritional therapy and physical activity and how you can make them part of daily life.

Minda’s diabetes education also helps identify:

  • The type of diabetes
  • Ranges for low, ideal and high blood glucose levels
  • The level of risk for hypoglycaemia
  • Probable symptoms of hypoglycaemia for each person
  • Emergency procedures

We can also involve families and carers in the diabetes education and management process and actively encourage them to have good diabetes knowledge and skills.

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