Living with Intellectual Disability

Friends, family and the community
Seeking support from your family, friends and the local community is critical at a time when you could be feeling isolated.

You might feel that you’ve lost part of your identity if you can’t go to work or spend time doing things you used to do; family and friends can support you and reinforce who you are and where you belong.

Expert Advice – Disability Choices
A service for people with disability, and their families, Disability Choices enables you to make informed choices about your lives through the provision of:

  • Expert advice, for what the government, other service providers and Minda can offer
  • Advocacy, for when you need another person to talk to, or help you express your wishes, or just ask questions
  • Consultancy, for realising what assistance and services are available and guidance with managing individualised funding

Disability choices can be accessed by a freecall number, 1800 1 MINDA (64632).

Learn more about Disability Choices here.

Professional support
Speaking to a health care professional such as a counsellor, social worker or psychologist can help you to understand feelings which may arise from living with intellectual disability.

Ask your GP for a referral, or to find out more about support available through Minda, contact Disability Choices. You can also find out more about Minda’s range of Allied Health Services and healthcare professionals here.

For crisis support, please click here.