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Zach's confidence soars!

Thanks to regular support, Zach no longer feels out of place and has gained the confidence he needs to be more independent.

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Georgia's life started in chaos

Georgia is a gorgeous, warm, people-person who loves fishing, music, AFL and talking - but her life started in chaos.

During birth, Georgia had a large bleed in her brain and suffered a stroke. Her mum, Angela, and her dad, Adrian, were terrified.

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Logan is joining in and making progress

At an early age, Logan was developing differently than his twin brother, Samuel. Logan needs extra help to do the things other children his age are able to do. He can get there, but he needs support.

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Dale's journey to independence

Dale was suddenly taken into his grandparents' care from about seven-and-a-half. Although Dale’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges, you would be incredibly proud to see where this young man is today.


Liam's story began unexpectedly

A year ago, Rod and Maureen were in complete despair. Their son, Liam was extremely unhappy. With support, Liam’s world has been opened up again and Rod and Maureen have started looking at what lies ahead.

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Early support was so important for Chay-Lee

Chay-Lee was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay when she was 10 months old. Since then, she has received the support she needs to reach important milestones like walking and talking.


Charity begins at home for Beau's family

Despite the challenges of raising a 10-year-old with Down syndrome and Type 1 diabetes, Beau's family feels lucky to be together and to be coping day-to-day.


A trip to the show when everything changed

When Georgia was a baby, she suffered from a seizure that left her with epilepsy and intellectual disability. Support from Minda is helping to grow her confidence and independence.

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Chelsea's chance at independence

Over the last few years, Chelsea’s smiling face has become a familiar sight at Minda. I know that when you read her story that you will feel so proud of how she has blossomed.

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A lifeline for Jackson and Victoria

Victoria cares full time for her son Jackson, who lives with autism and a rare sleep disorder. Times were tough, but a bit of support has made a world of difference to them both.