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Vocal Point - December 2017

Read all about the Stars of Minda awards, our latest appeal featuring Dale, Blend Creative’s recent transformation and information on our Christmas events.

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Vocal Point - September 2017

This issue provides an update on the exciting last few months we’ve had at Minda, including NDIS pre-planning, the PAFC family day, fun from MyPATH and visits from Delta Therapy Dogs.

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Vocal Point - June 2017

Discover results from our annual employee recognition event, the Night of Stars, information about the progress of our Master Plan at Minda’s Brighton site and our vision for the future, our Minda 2020 Strategic Plan.


Vocal Point - March 2017

This issue provides an update on the amazing past few months we’ve had at Minda, including the announcement of Minda’s Board President Susan Neuhaus, CSC, the launch of our Northern office by the Minister for Disabilities, and the progress we are making with Stage 2 of the Master Plan.

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Vocal Point - October 2016

Vocal Point is filled with updates on the exciting past few months we’ve had at Minda, including news on our “Minda 2020” strategic plan, success stories from MyPATH participants and gardening tips from the guys at Envirocare.

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Vocal Point - April 2016

Read about our EPAC Star Award winner, Jolani Beckley, one myPATH participant's experience working at reStyle Sanctuary, Change Day and more in this issue of Vocal Point.

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Vocal Point - August 2015

Read about Minda and Autism SA's gala event that channeled the spirit of Carnivale, Minda's All Things Food program that is teaching young people with intellectual disability to cook, and much more in this edition of Vocal Point.


Vocal Point – March 2015

Discover supported employment at Minda, get an update on the latest Minda appeal, read about John O'Donnell's successful transition from supported to open employment and find out more about Minda's supporters.

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Vocal Point – December 2014

Find out about the launch of our new accommodation on Bonython Way, get an update on the latest Minda appeal, read up on the Master Plan development, discover industry news and get in the festive spirit with Minda’s Christmas Wrapping at Adelaide Arcade.

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Vocal Point - Spring 2014

The Stars of Minda shine at the annual event in honour of our supported employees, get an update on the Master Plan, read about Horn Australia joining Minda and find out about our latest appeal.