Improving end-of-life care

Minda is pleased to have been awarded funding in the SA Health Palliative Care 2020 Grants Program.

Executive Manager Client Services Jocelyn Graham says the funding will be used to improve palliative care for people with cognitive disability living in Minda’s residential facilities through a team approach to end-of-life care.

“Our goal is to enable our residents to have access to superior end-of-life care, at home, in comfort and dignity,” Jocelyn says.

“This grant will assist in improving care planning processes to better meet the unique needs of the people we support by building strong working partnerships with community services, and of course our clients and their families or nominees.”

As part of the project, the Minda Palliative Care Partnership Committee has been established. The partnership committee includes both internal and external membership, including PKC residential services manager Liz Scammell, and palliative care specialists and health sector leaders from across Adelaide.

Jocelyn says the partnership committee will hold its first meeting next month and will discuss issues related to key areas such as transfer of care, consent and decision making. The initial focus for the committee will be Minda’s residential facilities including the Minda Nursing Home and the Waterhouse accommodation complex.

In addition to the partnership committee, an internal working group will be established, with a focus on staff training including upskilling staff to have important conversations and preplanning involving family members.

“Wellbeing of the people we support is paramount, and today we co-design with our clients and their families to achieve the best outcomes, putting choice and control back into their hands,” Jocelyn says.

“That is why it is with great pleasure we receive this grant from SA Health, and look forward to the opportunity to improve and diversify palliative care services for those who need it most.”