Farewell to Lisa Feder

Senior Manager Supported Independent Living Brighton Lisa Feder is moving on from Minda after more that 20 years valued service to our community.

Looking back on those years, Lisa recalls witnessing many of the major milestones for both Minda and the disability sector.

“The last two decades have seen enormous transitions across the sector,” Lisa says.

“I started as a support worker at Crawford and Champion Houses, becoming one of a rare breed of full-time support workers! I studied for a degree in Disability to gain more knowledge and took on more responsibility as an assistant manager Accommodation Services Coordinator (ASC) working in a number of different houses.

“This experience led to a role as manager and project manager of Minda’s Stage 1 and Stage 2 Master Plan.

“The progression, and change across this period was remarkable. From the early days working in dormitory style accommodation through to a vision where clients could have individual apartments was a great leap forward.

“Comments from clients such as: ‘I don’t have to share a bathroom’ and ‘now I have my own space!’ really capture the feeling of what we achieved.

“There are so many highlights from my time here. I really valued the opportunity to once do an exchange trip to Thailand to work with the local human services people and their homeless and disability clients. Experiences like this deepen your understanding.

“It has been a privilege to work alongside my colleagues with so many different families, strong families that support each other.”

Lisa will continue to work in the disability sector and is looking forward to the new challenges this will bring. We congratulate Lisa on her 20 years of service with Minda and wish her all the very best for her next endeavour.