AEIOU Foundation is changing lives

Kiya Rabig and her family were living in the country town of Port Augusta when they began to notice delays in their daughter Heidi’s development after her first birthday. At the time, they could not have imagined their observations would result in an autism diagnosis which would see them uproot their life and move to Adelaide city to give her the support she needed.

They soon discovered AEIOU Foundation and Heidi, 4, began attending the Brighton service in the Minda precinct earlier in 2018. At that point in time, she was non-verbal and among other things, the family hoped to make progress with her toilet training, setting a routine and learning to interact with other children.

“From the day of our first meeting, with the goals they put in place for Heidi and the way they structured their classes, we were very impressed,” Kiya says.

“It almost sounded too good to be true, but they have lived up to every standard and goal they have put forward.”

In a few short months, Heidi was fully toilet trained, could sit still and attend in class and would respond to her name. She also continues to make promising progress with her verbal communication skills as she moves on from the Picture Communication Exchange System (PECS).

“Everything AEIOU has done has built opportunity for Heidi to be able to participate in a mainstream education environment. They have given her the ability to interact with her peers and make friends.”

Kiya says AEIOU Brighton and the wider Minda precinct would give children the ability to succeed and more opportunity to eventually go on to learn in a mainstream setting in the future.

“The other benefit of this location, is Minda offers a range of services including autism-friendly hairdressers, a swimming pool and more.”

Her advice to other parents on a similar journey is simple: “Don’t give up on your hope and dreams for your family and children and don’t be afraid to speak up when it comes to your little ones.”

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