Walking Group Wetlands Visit

Minda has a number of walking groups with everyone enjoying getting some fresh air and exercise on a regular basis - two of our walking groups are the Ramblers and the Striders

Cheryl from the Mentoring team has been involved in this group for many years and says the crew recently enjoyed a walk in the Warriparinga wet lands at Bedford Park.

The Warriparinga wetland is a series of ponds that diverts and filters water from the Sturt River, before releasing it back.

It offers a place to sit and relax, to enjoy natural sights and sounds. With over 30 bird species living at the wetlands, it has a ‘back to nature’ feel and is a great place for bird watching.

“The group enjoyed a half-way drink stop in the wetland, while Wade showed that it’s always great to give a helping hand,” Cheryl says.

Another recent walk along the coast was joined by newest walkers Robert and Ray.

“It is such a pleasure to take them out as they are both so engaged and happy to be out and about getting some exercise,” Cheryl says.