Volunteering to make a difference

Volunteering with Meals on Wheels is helping participants of Minda’s MyPATH day program give back to their local community.

MyPATH participants and staff deliver meals to people in need for Meals on Wheels’ Hallett Cove branch every Monday and Wednesday and alternate Fridays.

Meals on Wheels Hallett Cove branch president Kaye August says the regular help from the MyPATH crew is invaluable.

“They’re a very big help,” says Kaye, who has been volunteering at the branch for 19 years.

“We need a driver and deliverer for each round, and they take care of this as a team. It’s wonderful they come regularly and at exactly the right time, because finding volunteers who fit with when we need them is challenging. Knowing the Minda group is coming is a relief.”

MyPATH participant Georgia says she loves volunteering for Meals on Wheels deliveries, which normally take the group just over an hour.

“I love spending time with my friends, and it’s good to see the customers each week and give something back to the customers too,” Georgia says.

Reece says he likes volunteering because it enables him to get out and about in the community.

Minda’s Senior Manager Lifestyle Services, Dale Govett, says: “Providing MyPATH customers with the opportunity to make a contribution back to the community through their volunteer work at Meals on Wheels does a lot for their self-esteem and helps change the perception of young people with disability as active and contributing members of society.”

MyPATH LSP4 Support Leader Michael Charlton says up to 20 MyPATH customers attend the Meals on Wheels delivery run over the three days each week.

“The crew is assisted by staff members Amber and Grace on Mondays, Amber and Brad on Wednesdays, and Phil and Nicole on Fridays,” Michael says.

“MyPATH has been doing Meals on Wheels for the Hallett Cove branch for a number of years, and we were doing it for Holdfast branch before that.

“It’s been a successful long-term partnership.”