Working side by side for 21 years

You could almost describe them as Minda’s odd couple, but in reality, they are two people who have forged a lasting friendship working side by side in Minda’s Lifestyle Services for more than 20 years.

Support Leader Jen Warncken and Clare Burt first crossed paths in March 2000 when Clare came on board as a Disability Support Worker, and the rest as they say is history.

“We understand each other,” Clare says. “We share the same ideals and beliefs and we have great shoulders to help support each other.”

Working together for the past 21 years, the pair have gotten to know each other quite well whether that’s their shared passion for working to support  clients, sharing a laugh, or even knowing when there’s a bit of tension between them.

“We don’t always agree,” laughs Jen. “But we always know when things are getting a bit tetchy between us and when it’s time to step back, hug it out and make up.”

While they make a great double act working together, there is perhaps one thing that they can be divided on.

“I’m the tidy one … she’s the messy one,” says Clare.

And in a flash comes the reply from Jen: “I’m too busy for that.”

Then of course they both laugh it off and, as they have done thousands of times before, head back to their clients and another day of activities and support.